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This morning on my drive to work, I listened while my favorite radio station played Rubber Ducky. A German, techno, crazy version of Rubber Ducky, and I loved it very much. That kind of thing can make my whole morning good.

Last night when I got home there was a lovely black satin, embroidered (very Asian) purse on the kitchen table, containing this book and this DVD, both of which we had ordered from Amazon. I'm so excited to read Wigfield--when we're driving back from abandoning the Boy at camp on Monday (4 1/2 hour drive), I'll read it out loud to Francisco, and that should be fun. And we'll watch the DVD while Boy is at camp; it is not suitable for younger viewers. The black purse was a gift from Francisco--he got it for me to take my lunch in. It's a large, strangely shaped bag (good as a lunch bag), and I brought my lunch in it today. I also think it would be a kick-ass knitting bag, because of the largeness but also because it's satin inside, which is good for yarn slippage. Francisco is one of the good ones.

This weekend we don't have many plans. Tonight we will watch Gangs of New York, which we have from Netflix, and then on Sunday we'll drive out west to a city near Boy's camp and stay overnight before we drop him off there on Monday morning. I hope he has a good time this year; I think he will. He'll see kids he met there last year, and he knows everything about the camp this time, so he'll feel like an old pro. I'll miss him, again, but two weeks will go by fast.

That's it for me, I've gotta go. Happy Weekend, everyone!


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