they expect me to WORK


This is just a super quick note to say I haven't forgotten about you, Internet. I started my job on Tuesday and found out right away that the place is really strict on internet useage, so I can't update from there or do anything else internetty. Can you believe that?? I just. How is a person supposed to get through a day at work without the internet?! The mind boggles. Actually though, even if I wanted to update from there, the screen of my computer is situated so anyone passing by my office can see it, so it probably wouldn't be a good idea even if it Wasn't outlawed.

The job is going okay--I was able to leap right in and start working on files, which is good, but I'm beginning to despair about my coworkers. They're so, so nice, but they're also extremely earnest and seem to be lacking in whimsy. Only one of them (at least that I know of so far) has seen Napoleon Dynamite, so my Napoleon statuette is wasted on them. They don't understand my jokes and I'm not sure I can work with people who don't think I'm funny. I'm considering changing the focus of this diary to be "Things I Said That My Coworkers Didn't Laugh At". Hopefully once I get to know them and they get to know me, things will change.

I need to wolf some breakfast and take a shower now. In closing, one of my coworkers is named Cookie, and that makes me pretty happy.

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