roped into a tug of war


"Dear CSA member,

This week in the box you will find salad mix, tomatoes, yellow wax beans, green bell pepper, potatoes, and bi-color sweet corn."

I wish all my emails started out that deliciously. Those veggies are what we'll get in our CSA delivery tomorrow, and I am very pleased.

This morning I had to call a guy back, and I got his answering machine message. It was so embarrassing. The guy was imitating Arnold Schwarzenneger, as in the Terminator, and he was saying, "We're not in now, but we'll be back" (like that "I'll be back" thing, see). I wanted to leave a message that said, "Dude, you have Got to change that message", but instead I left a professional message and mocked his answering machine all over the office. I'm not a very nice person, in case you didn't know.

So, mission accomplished this morning. I got up early and did the treadmill, and it felt Great. Someone remind me again why I've been such a lazy ass for far too long... Anyone?? Some friends you are. I'm going to do the treadmill every other day, and do some other exercise on the alternating days. Weight lifting will Definitely be a part of my regimen--my muscles have gotten way too noodley--and I'll break out the aerobics videos too, because I miss that haughty parrot.

Despite my puny weakness, our office managed to win the tug of war contest at the multi-office picnic today. I don't know how we did it, but we kicked ass. I think we have a lot of anger and stress to get out of our systems, but hey, it got us a [really lame] trophy. I cut out of the picnic early and came back to the office, where the living is air-conditioned and the internet flows like honey. I've gotten some things done since I got back, but mainly I've emailed people (still owe many emails) and visited my favorite forum. I figure I'll come in here tomorrow morning like a runaway freight train and get all my work caught up, as is my habit to do once every couple of weeks. Maybe this time I'll stay caught up, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Going home now to rest up from all this slacking (actually, I did do a lot of work this morning, but this afternoon not so much). I miss our Boy but I know he's having fun, and at any rate, we can watch some more inappropriate movies in the next couple weeks. Oh, I had mentioned last week that we were going to watch Gangs of New York, and we did on Friday night, and people? Daniel Day Lewis was Robbed, Academy Award-wise. Adrian Brody acted very well in The Pianist, but Daniel Day Lewis was astounding! I demand a recount.


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