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I started an entry yesterday and got fairly well into it but my computer froze up and would not be placated, so I lost the entry and was too irritated to try again. What I was telling you, Internet, is that I dressed up for Halloween yesterday, along with several of my coworkers. My costume was a roller derby skater, and yesterday I described it in detail, but today I don't feel like it. Suffice it to say, I put in some effort on the costume and it turned out pretty well, and plus it was fun roller skating in the office for the day, though the day seemed to last FOREVER and I was happy by the time it was over. We got some trick-or-treaters last night but mainly they were costume-less teenagers, which kind of annoyed me but I gave them candy anyway, since we had it to give out. I was hoping Julian would put in an appearance, but he must be under house arrest, because he didn't show.

Last weekend Francisco, Sharky, and I went over to Poulsbo to help Francisco's mom with her house building project. The whole neighborhood is part of the house-building program, and all the people participating are putting in a certain number of hours per week, which is part of the deal they have with the housing authority. Outsiders can put in hours to give to whoever, so the hours we worked went to Francisco's mom so she can work fewer hours this week. I feel pretty good about that. After we knocked off work for the day, we went back to her place and she fed us stew, plus she fed beer to Francisco and me and also had us try a Croatian liquor her roommate's girlfriend (who is Croatian) sent over. I can't remember the name of it, but it tasted almost exactly like Circus Peanuts, the candy. Remember that candy? Big orange marshmallowy peanut shaped monstrosities? I don't like Circus Peanuts, but I did like the liquor. Francisco's mom had never had them, but Francisco bought a bag of them to give to her next time we see her. ANYway, it was a long day, what with driving all the way over and back, and it was a cold day, so we were all pretty wiped out on Sunday. This was worse on Sharky than on us, since he had his last soccer game that day, but he survived.

I finished my second turquoise mitten and wore them to work today. Since this was my first pair, I had no idea they used so little yarn; they took less than one skein of Manos of Uruguay, so I have a whole other skein for a different project. Good thing, too, since that yarn was $14/skein. It's also good to have these mittens done because it was 18 degrees this morning; my nose hairs felt frozen and I had to blow my nose quite a lot after I arrived at work. This is definitely the coldest place I've ever lived, and we're barely into winter weather. SWEET. I need to make more hats for myself, and with earflaps this time; my ears hurt when it's this cold.

Yesterday I had an idea for a party that I think would be fun. Guests would arrive at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, in their pajamas, and everyone would lay around on the rug in front of the television, eating kid cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons for awhile, and then we could move on to board games. Eventually (after grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch), we'd mix up a pitcher of margaritas or something, and basically this party would go all day long. Maybe that's what we should do for Thanksgiving, actually--that would be way more fun than busting our asses to make a big turkey dinner. PAGING TWYLA: Do y'all have plans? We don't have Thanksgiving plans yet (we're going to my parents' for Christmas), though we've been invited over to Bremerton, to dine at Francisco's cousin's house. I like his cousins, so that would be fun, but not as much fun as Count Chocula and Scooby Doo.



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