one'a them rich person arguments



Heard in our house earlier, during the dinnertime viewing of The Gilmore Girls:

Me: [pausing the Tivo] What IS custard pie, anyway? Is it like creme brulee but in a pie shell?

Boy: Why can't you people ever just Watch something?! You always have to stop it and talk.

Francisco: We don't Always stop it and talk...

Me: But we Can! We can stop things because we have Tivo, and we don't lose ANYthing by stopping temporarily.

Francisco [referencing a time pre-Tivo, when Boy had wished for "one of those rich people televisions where you don't have commercials]: It's too bad we don't have one of those poor people televisions.

Me: Right, everything would be better if we had one of those poor person televisions, because then we couldn't pause and we'd never argue about pausing.

Francisco: Exactly--this is a luxury argument we're having.

Me: [laughing]

Boy: [fuming]

Two other things --

1) Have you heard the White Stripes' cover of 'Jolene'? Because I saw a little video of their Blackpool Deluxe performance of the song today and downloaded it from iTunes straight away when I got home. Wow. And what I mean is, WOW. I have very much love for it.

2) Remember how I made that hat with the ear flaps and devil horns a couple of weeks ago? I wore it to the Walmart tonight (approximately half an hour of wearing time) and it made my head very itchy. When I got home and took it off, I saw that I had DEVELOPED A RASH ON MY FOREHEAD WHERE THE HAT TOUCHED, and all I can say is, that seems about right.

Dear Lamb's Pride Yarn Devil Hat,

How could you?? After all the love I have felt for you and have professed to the world at large, how could you make me all itchy and rashy? Don't you know how much I was looking forward to wearing you in Seattle? I should let you stay in my scarf and glove locker cubbyhole forever and ROT, but instead I will give you to Francisco and hope you treat him better than you treated me. I'm sure you recognize that this is mighty big of me and will behave accordingly.


At least I found this out before going off all half cocked [heh] and making a sweater out of the Lamb's Pride, because lordy lord, that would be some kinda rash.

I'm going to poke the Boy into bed, call my parents, and go to bed myself.

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