the one who was married to Loni Anderson


Our office went out for lunch today as a celebration for the coworker whose last day is Friday, and one of my coworkers said something that made me laugh so much I had to forcibly stop myself, lest I hurt her feelings. She was trying to refer to an actor who was in Boogie Nights:

HER: That guy...what's his name? The one who was married to Loni Anderson?

ME: Burt Reynolds??

HER: Burt Reynolds!

I hope it's obvious why this is funny, because if it's not, then I guess it's only funny to me, and that's been happening a lot lately. Maybe I'm losing it, whatever IT is.

Tomorrow at noon I'm going to get my hair cut, and I. Am. Excited. Once again I let the hair go too long between cuts, and I'm started to develop Janis Joplin head. I'm all ready for my appointment: I know the guy's name who always knows my name (he left a voice mail for me today, to remind me of the appointment)--it is Dennis--and I have a small (action figure-sized) red pleather trenchcoat to hang on one of the little hooks at the salon. I will take the camera with me and snap a quick picture of it if I can do so without too much humiliation.

Yesterday afternoon I made the mistake of looking around at the websites of colleges and universities in the northwest, to see if there were any faculty positions Francisco might possibly fill. And there was NOTHING. I even looked in Idaho! This threw me into despair, because we would both like to move back to the NW next summer, for several reasons, one of them being that Boy will start high school next year, and we'd like him to attend the same high school all 4 years, if at all possible. I didn't bring the issue up last night, but this morning when Francisco and I were at the gym, I told him I'd looked and found nothing, and we talked about it, because he's been looking for positions for several months, so it wasn't news to him. I won't go into detail and bore y'all, but he's been thinking about the whole thing a lot and has a few backup plans, so it's still possible we might move next summer. Keep your fingers crossed for us, or at least your legs, you big whore. Wait. What?

That's about all I've got today, except I'm still trying to get my Synthroid prescription and I'm pissed that no one at my doctor's office cares enough to call it in to my pharmacy, especially since I made it clear that I have run out of pills. But that's sort of par for the course with that office; I really need to switch, though it'll mean breaking in a whole new doctor. I will find the strength somewhere.

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