Hello internet--long time no see. I'm finally starting to feel human again, 11 days after the onset of that damn flu. One would think I'd've been over it several days ago, but one should just Feel the throat soreness I've been dealing with before one starts getting all judgey, eh? EH? The throat is better today, and I'm less tired and have concluded I am once again on the road to wellness. I'm feeling pretty happy today, actually. I have Monday off to look forward to, I'm wearing a new pair of jeans that are super comfortable and fairly flattering (plus they're JEANS--I'm still not over the joy of being able to wear those to work), and the sun is shining today. Life is looking up.

This week I:

1) Went to the dentist for a checkup/cleaning. I like this new dentist. He's nice, his staff is nice, and the dentist rock climbs and skydives in his spare time. I don't know why it is, but I tend to really trust a dentist who has hobbies. My last dentist kept bees, remember? Anyway, my teeth are fine (and clean), and I got a referral to an orthodontist who can shove my errant tooth back into place with probably just a retainer or something like that. AND I found out my baby tooth could have a wee veneer put onto it to make it look less weird. It doesn't hurt anymore (I think that was from sinus pressure), and the root is solid, so my dentist's point is, why pull it if it doesn't need it? Good point, Dr. Siks *.

2) Took a roll of film in for processing. I had used the camera my dad gave me, and I don't know what happened exactly, but those have got to be the worst pictures I've ever taken. I've had better results using expired film in a Goodwill camera! It's vexing, because the light meter (in the camera) indicated the exposures were correct, yet almost every photo was overexposed. I think the presence of snow threw things off, and also, the sky was overcast yet fairly bright. Back to the manual, I guess. *heavy sigh*

3) Got an email on Valentine's Day from a parent of a student from the last college I worked at, to say thank you for the help I'd given them. That was completely unexpected, but very nice, albeit a wee bit unsettling [how did she get my new email address?]. Valentine's was otherwise not so great. I still felt poorly, and when I got home from work I found that Francisco (who hadn't been feeling well) was in bed with a 101 fever. He had another 101 fever yesterday but is feeling better today and thinks he's on the mend. Attention Universe: I'd sure like us to get a break from illness for awhile. Hello?

This is neither here nor there, but one thing my boss (immediate supervisor, not head honcho) does that I think is funny is she calls her frozen meals (lean cuisine, etc) "TV dinners". "What are you having for lunch?" "A TV dinner". It's just cute, I think.

Plans for this weekend include sleeping in and getting well. Also we're going to play dominoes on Sunday with a couple of work friends and their spouses, and on Monday, it's my coworker, Nate's, 21st birthday, so we're going to meet up with him and his friends for a couple of beers at one of the bars downtown. I've mentioned Nate before--he's the paramedic student who removed the splinter from my paw hand--but I don't think I told you how awesome he is. He's fantastic and funny and I'ma buy that boy a beer or two, and maybe a hamburger. I also got him a present off the internet that I hope arrives by tomorrow so I can give it to him on his birthday; I think he'll really like it. So anyway, that's my weekend, plus I want to read and call my parents and start making Francisco a new hat with yarn I got from his mom at Christmas.

I guess that's all. Happy weekend!


*Great dentist; unfortunate name.



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