There's a coworker who is on my last good nerve lately, and it's not just me. He talks down to me ALL THE TIME, even though I've worked in this field twice as long as he has. He sucks up to the boss to the point of actually following her around the office. He comes in at 7:00 to score points with said boss, except that everyone but the boss knows he just plays solitaire from 7 to 8. If people are talking, he will come out of his office and stand on the periphery, listening, and he looks at people's computer screens, spying on what they're doing. When we're having meetings where we have to give opinions on various matters, he always says what he knows the boss thinks about the issue (they talk a lot), to make himself look good with her. I'm telling you, if I don't punch this coworker in his big Irish head*, he should count himself lucky. My irritation at him is manifesting itself in childish ways, such as at meetings purposely taking the chair he usually takes, and in less childish ways such as actually LISTENING at these meetings so I can make helpful suggestions that he doesn't think of making, therefore causing me to look super knowledgeable (almost Presidential, really), and him not so much. I hope I find a way to start ignoring his irritating habits soon, because I hate being all the time aggravated at work, especially since work is already aggravating enough.

So, this weekend Francisco and I spent some money. We bought 2 bar stools for our sun porch, an HD Tivo, a present for Sonny, whose birthday was yesterday, some groceries, a cat flap for the door leading onto the sun porch [not yet installed], a couple of shirts for each of us and a down vest for me, groceries, and some other stuff I can't remember. I attached the bar stool seats to the bar stool bases (they swivel) yesterday and they are on the sun porch, making that room finally, officially Done (though I will probably decorate a bit more. Photos will be forthcoming. It's such a nice place to sit now; I'm really pleased with it.

Two fun facts about Francisco: 1) He's getting a cold that one of his roommates brought back from reserve military duty the weekend before this last. This fact is not really all that fun; I feel quite sorry for him. 2) He's growing a mustache. Apparently this is all the rage at sleepaway police camp; his roommates are doing it and they're going to try to shame others into growing them as well. He is mad with power.

You know what's good? Fresh blueberries. I've been eating them like crazy lately, and today as I was eating them I was thinking about how dynamic it makes me feel to be able to eat like 200 of a thing in one sitting. I am extremely virile.

Sonny and Twyla and the girls came over for brunch yesterday, just so we could see them, but also because it was Sonny's birthday. Francisco made a yellow squash frittata and I made smoothies and we also had bread and brie and blueberries, plus angel food cake that Twyla had procured, since it's Sonny's favorite cake. We ate and they hung out for awhile and then they left to pack and leave for Seattle. They are on vacation even as we speak. I'll be visiting Murray, my cat nephew, today through Saturday, and I know he'll be glad to see me. I only hope I can find his food and also his litter box, since I haven't cat sit since they moved to their new house and I forgot to ask the location of those things. I'm sure Murray will help me find them; he's a good boy.

Last week I watched a movie one of my student coworkers had recommended: Hot Rod. I was prepared to only tolerate this movie, but I actually laughed a lot. I'm not sure it's possible for me to dislike any movie Ian McShane is in. Prove me wrong if you dare, Mr. McShane. Also, Adam Samberg is adorable, and I don't care what anyone says. I am taking a stand.

I'm really fidgeting for 5:00 to get here today. I'll pedal home and then go immediately to see Murray and take care of his food and poo scooping needs. Then I will head home to consume the entire contents of the refrigerator, or maybe just a couple of small burritos or something. I'm Super Hungry, is what I'm saying. I've been making very healthy food choices recently, by and large, and it's a good thing but sometimes a girl is under powerful hormonal influences which make her want to eat a whole homemade macaroni and cheese. Fortunately it takes too much time to put together a macaroni and cheese, so I'll be forced to eat something healthier. My ass will thank me.


* Look, I'm part Irish, okay? So don't get angry. Some Irish people have really enormous heads. In fact, I challenge you to think of the person who has the largest head of any of your acquaintances, and then tell me that person is NOT Irish. [Update: I made one of my student coworkers do this and her largest headed acquaintance has a Scandinavian last name. SHE HAS RUINED EVERYTHING. Seacrest out.]



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