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I don't know if Dave Chappelle's neck-scratching crack addict character has a name, but if he does, I'm him the past couple of days. My neck is all the time itching and when I scratch it I think of Dave Chappelle. So, it could be worse, because that man is so, So funny; him and his christian buttcheeks.

This day started out aggravating (at the office), and I've been working to be zen about the whole thing, but it's taken a long time to get less aggravated. And the more aggravated I am, the more manic I get in trying to distract myself from the aggravation. I've been all over the office today, talking to people, taping up funny quotes for people to find, and hogging up the internet. And today we Finally had the ten minute rave, at 2:30, and it was just what I needed, though the music I had with me wasn't that great for dancing. Next time I'll have something better, and a strobe light borrowed from Boy.

Last night Francisco and I were in the living room, waiting for Boy to finish getting ready for bed so we could go up and poke him (our version of tucking). When he's ready for bed he usually calls out, "Ready!", but last night we heard him say, "four thirty-three!" We looked at each other and then Boy said, "Ready!" and Francisco said, "What did you say the first time?". Boy sheepishly told us that he'd called out his lunch number (the kids at his school have lunch accounts for the school lunch, and when they get school lunch they tell a "cashier" their number). We laughed at the Boy for at least a minute and then went up to poke him. I think 433 is going to be floating around our house for a long time.

No weekend plans other than doing a bit of work that I'm taking home, plus the regular chores and hopefully a trip to the library. I also want to spend time brainstorming with Francisco about the project I mentioned yesterday. I will say this much, it's a book. A nonfiction book, which I never thought I'd want to write, but I've been thinking someone should write this book for a long time, and since no one has, it appears to be my responsibility. I'm really quite nervous.

If I get time this weekend I would also like to attach words and/or images to some t-shirts I never wear for whatever reason, because I think it's time I did that instead of just writing down all the t-shirt slogans I think of and keeping the list in my drawer.

I know there's something else I wanted to say, but I can't think of it right now. Maybe later.


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