the spirit was willing, but not so much with the melanin


I hate Walmart. The new super walmart that was being built 1/2 mile from my house? Is open now, and it's a freaking nightmare. We went yesterday and were horrified; we vowed to only go there during extreme emergencies. This turned out to be today, when I figured out I was supposed to buy the plants for this thing the office is doing for our second in command boss. The way I figured out I was buying the plants was, today the person who collected the money handed it to me and mentioned me buying the plants. I caught on right away. We just got back from the Walmart, where we purchased some mums, some pansies, tulip bulbs, and crocus bulbs.

It sounds easy enough, but we were in line a long, long time, since the old ladies ahead of us were apparently all paying with post-dated four party checks. I have re-vowed to go to that store as infrequently as possible, as it is huge and unwieldy and manned by tiny brained individuals.

While at the store we observed a young man (he was maybe 17) on a payphone--Francisco pointed him out. He said, "See if you can surreptiously observe that kid on the phone. He's trying so desperately to be black." And sure enough, the kid was working it for all it was worth, and I just wanted to tell him, "Honey, I'm so sorry to have to tell you this, but you're caucasian. It doesn't seem fair, but it's the hand you were dealt so you should try to accept it." Instead I said nothing and was quietly amused by his attempts to imitate his non-caucasian friend. It wasn't going very well but his friend was kind enough not to notice.

I haven't updated in awhile because I really haven't felt like it for some reason, and I think I should stop now before I strain anything.

Love and kisses,

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