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Hi kittycats. The other day my friend, Diana, sent me the best link, so I'm going to pass it on to you. Neither of my cats would put up with such a thing, but I think my cat boyfriend would, and he undoubtedly has adventures worthy of photographing. I'm going to keep track of the guy's progress as he prepares to sell these cameras to the public, and you never know; my cat boyfriend might just get a package one of these days, care of his humans, of course.

Speaking of packages, Tuesday when I went home for lunch there was a tiny package waiting for me from the Kellogg Company. It was a Pop Tart camera, which my coworker, Greg, had sent to me. Apparently all it took to get was 3 proof of purchase thingies and no other money, which is pretty rare nowadays, and not only is the camera surprisingly sturdy, it also came pre-loaded with film. SCORE! I took all the pictures on the roll already (only 12 exposures) and will turn it in for processing when I get back from Minired's.

And re: my trip to Minired's, I'm leaving the day after tomorrow--where did the time go?? I'm excited about it; I think spending a week with Mini and Non and my baby niece and KIMMY is going to be super fun. I haven't seen Kimmy since Mini and Non's wedding, and that is just too long. I still have a few things to do before Saturday morning, but it's down to finishing off the baby's sweater (I'm so almost done), about two loads of laundry, painting my toenails, and packing. Totally doable, so it would be nice if I could start sleeping better (Universe, I'm talking to you).

I could tell you many things, including a rundown of Sunday's dance recital (very fun--if you're ever depressed you should try to attend some kind of children's performance, particularly small children), but I don't have any time to do so. Work has been kicking my ass this week, especially today, and all I want to do now is go home and have dinner with Francisco. He just called and asked if we could go to The Tav tonight, and heck YES we can.

Talk to you later!

PS Sharky called me at 11:00 to say he'd forgotten to tell us he needed to take $25 to soccer practice today (he's playing in a summer league). I asked him when practice was and he said at noon. I had $2 in my wallet and couldn't leave work to go to a bank machine, so I told him he'd have to go through the change bowl and dig out $25 worth of quarters, and that's what he did. It cracks me up to think of that kid riding to soccer practice on his bike with a sack full of quarters. It is his own damn fault.



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