puppy bribery


Okay, my coworker brought her black lab puppy in today (she's keeping him in her office so he doesn't pee everywhere), and oh my Wax. Is there anyone in the whole wide world so cranky that a puppy couldn't cheer them up? I don't think so. He's so little, with the tiny tail and the big feet, and the innocent love for everyone and everything. Puppies are so great; second only to kittens (in my opinion) as the best thing on the planet. When I walked to the Whole Foods with Francisco at lunch today, I got puppy treats. I wanted that puppy to associate me with all that is good and yummy, and my plan worked! I gave him one of the treats and he ate it and looked for more, and after that he came into my office several times. Already he knows that my office is the location of all good things; I could not be happier.

You know those anti-marijuana ads? The ones where they do little skits about how smoking marijuana gives people poor judgement? They annoy me. Because I'm sure people who smokeuh the weed Do have impaired judgement, but so do people who drink alcohol (which is a far larger percentage of the population), and that's legal. It seems ridiculous to castigate an already illegal drug for causing the same problems as a legal one causes. But don't get me wrong--I don't want to outlaw alcohol. I like my cocktails too much for that. Oh, and speaking of alcohol, the beer Francisco made last month is done and ready for drinking. It turned out great; Quite delicious.

Have you seen Fun Foam, available at craft stores? I used some of that this weekend, and I just have to say, it lives up to its name. That foam is fun! I recommend.

Last night's Buffy was enjoyable, except that Boy kept falling asleep and then whining at me when I pointed out that he was asleep. He was denying that he was tired, and I didn't fight with him about it, but come ON. If a person's asleep, then they're tired, right? He's been kind of bitchy to me the past few days. I know it's because he's been sick, but I'm done with it now. I'm going to give him a cease and desist order at the first sign of pissiness tonight.

I tried again to start the hat on the circular needles last night, using a slightly thicker yarn, but no dice. Huckle mentioned in my guestbook [thanks Huckle!] that larger-sized needles help the yarn not twist so much, but to get the right gauge I need size 5's, and that yarn is twisting like Chubby Checker with a roach down his back. [vote on that similie, because it seems a little iffy] So I've given up on those damn needles for now, and it's too bad, because they're Turbos and were expensive. I'm just going to make the hat pattern that uses regular size 13 needles, because that hat is Easy. No ear flaps though.

West Wing tonight--part 2. Thank god, because I hate "to be continued" episodes; I don't like waiting.

Did I tell you that blue sent me a couple of tuxedo shirts?? I don't think I mentioned it and I can't imagine why not. They're really cute! There's a white one with white ruffles tipped with red and black, and a blue one with, I think, white tipped ruffles. I had the idea today to maybe make one of them into a skirt for summer. This would involve much alteration, but I think it would be cute to have a button up the front skirt with ruffles. Please tell me if my imagination is flawed, because maybe I'm not picturing it accurately. This has happened to me before.

I ate a chicken burrito from Whole Foods for lunch today and it disagreed with me. Not violently, but certainly vehemently. It'll be awhile before I have one of those again, delicious though they are.

I'm going to go home now and have a lemon drop. Those are the shit.


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