The Professional


When I went home for lunch today (as has become my habit), I was crossing the busy street in front of my office and there were a couple of male students crossing with me. A female student was crossing the street coming toward us, and I noticed she was wearing what looked like a bustier under a sort of low cut jacket. Her bosom was quite impressive, but the male students didn't seem to notice, and I had the impulse to say, "Dudes, was I the only one checking out that RACK?!" Fortunately for all of us, I refrained, but I just don't know what's to become of those students if they're so unobservant. I mean, possibly they're gay, but I noticed, and I'm not at all attracted to women. Yeesh.

So here's a thing: I am now, by official definition, a professional photographer. This is because someone contacted me via Flickr and offered to buy one of my photos for a website he's making. The photo he wanted is not one I was particularly proud or fond of (it's a little blurry, even--I think I was kinda drunk when I took it; we were in a beer bar at the time), so when he offered me $8 for it, I was only too willing to take his money. He Paypal-ed me the $8 yesterday, and it makes me all disproportionately happy. I mean, think about how insufferable I can be now! If someone observes me carrying my Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster around with me (as I have been doing lately), I can loftily inform them that a professional photographer is always prepared to capture that perfect shot. This has opened up a whole new realm of possibility--I'm going to buy a beret and everything.

Sit-up Update: I'm up to 3 1/2. Pounds lost: 2. Gym activity this morning: Stationary bike, 40 minutes. It was so, SO hard to get up this morning. I had intended a whole upper body weight workout, but I wanted to stay in bed so badly I had to bargain my inner trainer down to pedaling while reading a magazine. I think it was a good trade, because at least that way I burned a decent number of calories, which is not nothing. I can hardly wait to sleep in this weekend, though; that is gonna be Choice.

One of my coworkers (fake name: Corrina) recently told me a story about another coworker (fake name: Alberto) that I Love. Awhile back Alberto came into Corrina's office, sat down holding a hand to his head, and said, "This Viagra is giving me a Headache". She exploded into laughter and he was confused, but it turns out what he meant was Allegra--he'd just started taking it for his allergies. I think this has the potential to become an awesome new catch-phrase, along the lines of "These pretzels are making me thirsty", so this morning I started the campaign to make it popular, by using it in one of our counselor meetings. I predict it'll catch on like wildfire; I'll keep you updated as to the progress, and you should feel free to use it yourself, thus speeding the spread of it and all that.

Twyla, Sonny, and the girls are in town, as I mentioned earlier this week, and it's a lot of fun having them here. Sonny had an informational meeting with my boss yesterday and I guess got at least Some helpful information, but I think the meeting he had with a different person today (in a whole different office) was probably more helpful. At any rate, I doubt it'll take him long to get a job, due to his mad skillz, and then they can move over here! Hoo boy, that is gonna rock. Tonight we're going out for dinner at one of the restaurants I really like, and that should be quite fun, though Francisco's going to miss out on it, since he has Police again tonight. Probably he's going to follow them out to Roslyn tomorrow morning, though, while they're on the way back to Seattle, and have lunch with them at The Brick, so he at least gets some extra time with them.

Gotta go; I have some letters to fold and mail out before 4:00.




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