Princess Stinky Fur


Yesterday and today, practically every email I've gotten from students has noted that they hope I had a good break last week, which is funny since last week was intensely busy and not fun. I love how the students assume we're not here when they're not here; if only that were true. If we all went on spring break, imagine how nice that would be--students and administrators going wild, side by side! I'm a really good cook, so I could bring the jello shots. Well, maybe next year.

The new cat hanging around our house has been christened Princess (by us) which seemed utterly appropriate at the time, but then yesterday I noticed Princess has testicles. I guess I should've checked for those before, but it was too early in the acquaintance--it would've felt like an invasion of privacy. We're just going to keep calling him Princess, and let me tell you, Princess LOVES me. So much, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the treats I keep giving him. Yesterday after work he showed up just after I parked the car (he knows my schedule). I gave him treats and went into the house but ten minutes later he was still sitting out on the stoop, staring at the door. I went out and picked him up and petted him and he rubbed his head on my shoulder, repeatedly--SO CUTE. It made me a little sad, though, because Princess's fur smells very strongly of cigarette smoke, and I just don't think he should be smoking. What? No, I don't think his People should be smoking, because it's not like he can avoid breathing their smoke, poor boy. Our cats hate him and want him dead; they're not good at sharing me. [btw, Esther continues to improve and didn't cough last night. I know y'all are sick of hearing about her, which is why she's not getting her own paragraph.]

The scheme I spoke of yesterday is not going to pan out, but there's a new scheme in the works, so hope is not lost.

I've been thinking about what to do with that website I got that is lying fallow. I have all these big ideas but lack the technological know-how to implement them, so what I decided to do in the meantime is use it as a photo blog. I can always add other stuff on later if I want, and at least this way Something will be going on over there, right? Stay tuned for actual photos--I've got some good ones.

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