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We went to the gym this morning and I got to observe the latest installment in the ongoing gym intrigue, which I hadn't mentioned before, but which I'm going to tell you all about now. It's actually not THAT big a deal, but it helps the time on the treadmill go by a little faster, so I'm enjoying it. Anyway, the thing is, starting maybe a couple of months ago, I noticed a woman in the gym I hadn't seen before. She'd come in, do about 8 minutes on a stair stepper, and then go lift weights, except by lift weights, I mean mainly talk to a guy who's at the gym every day lifting weights. She talked to him more and more frequently (I have to assume she knew him already) as time went on, and he didn't seem to mind it, but usually she was the one going up to him rather than the other way around. So then I got my cold a couplethree weeks ago, and I don't believe in doing anything strenuous when I'm sick, so I wasn't witness to any of their interactions until our triumphant return to the gym last week, when I discovered that the guy's wife is now accompanying him to the gym every morning. The other woman is keeping her distance from the guy except for maybe once or twice a morning when the wife isn't around, but she keeps looking in his direction and I know that because I'm keeping tabs on everything from my viewpoint on the treadmill. I'm on the wife's team, just so we're clear, because I wouldn't want some floozy hitting on Francisco if he was going to the gym alone, right? The other woman is in better shape than the wife, and she's got really pretty hair, but she better back off that man, because he is not hers. This message has been brought to you by Eva's Soap Opera Soapbox.

I went to lunch with the ladies today--it was really fun. I had fettuccini alfredo--DECADENT--but fortunately the serving wasn't large, because the PMS hunger continues and I probably would've eaten any amount put in front of me. I get to have pasta again tonight; Francisco makes a delicious sauce with our leftover pot roast, which we had for dinner last night, and man oh man is that gonna be good. So good, in fact, that I'ma rush to finish this up so I can go home at 5.

Love and kisses!



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