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You know, I don't think you people know just how all-powerful I really am. This afternoon I was listening to my favorite radio station, and for HOURS they were playing funk, which I like, but not really in such large doses. Then at 7:00 a.m, New Zealand time, they started playing a much more diverse mix of stuff, like PJ Harvey back to back with Johnny Cash, which is the kind of mix I like. Anyway, at one point I thought, 'I want to hear The Streets', and not ten seconds later, "Blinded by the Light" started playing--I really like that song. Me and the Universe; we're very close--it hears me and it obeys. You need something from the Universe, you come to me, I'll hook you up.

I have discovered something important--it is possible to buy comfortable underwear that are also cheap and cute. For years I've been buying expensive underwear (well, not Expensive-expensive, but not cheap), but this weekend I bought some Fruit of the Loom string bikini panties and also a pack of thong panties, and hey, they're great! They are also, like, $1/pair, and you can't beat that. This is a revelation to me. So long, Gap Body! So long, department stores! I'm sticking to cheap and cute from now on.

Yesterday I didn't work; I spent the day doing chores and shopping instead, and it was nice but a little grueling. I still need to acquire a few more things (bras, reading material, a few shirts) but I'm fairly close to being ready to fly away on Sunday. But I'll tell you, I'm paying today for that day off yesterday--I have so many emails and files and voice mails; it's nutty. What in the world will I come back to after two weeks out of the office? I don't want to think about it.

When I was at the mall yesterday, Francisco went and signed us up at the gym again--the gym we used to go to before we decided we could exercise on our own, two years ago. What a foolish decision that was, on our parts. What made us think we had that kind of motivation? I mean, please. When he told me he signed us up again, I wasn't overly thrilled, but when we got to the gym this morning at 5:45, I remembered why I like the gym in the first place: the people-watching is excellent. There were 5 or 6 guys I recognized from when we used to go there, but the other people were new to me. I did the rowing machine for 20 minutes and then lifted weights, and my muscles were all weak and shaky for awhile afterward, which I love. I also have more energy today, though that may be also partially due to mostly laying off the gluten yesterday. On Sunday I had Waaay too much, and yesterday I was feeling very tired. So, here is my four point plan to feeling healthier: 1) Get my Synthroid dose bumped up (I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor about that, via email) 2) Go to the gym on a very regular basis, 3) Completely exclude gluten from my diet, and 4) Moderate my carb intake. I'm not going to do any Atkins nonsense, but I'm going to moderate. I was doing good with that for a while, but for a few weeks now it's been a bit of a free-for-all. Meep. I think this plan is excellent, and no one can tell me otherwise.

You know what's fun? Boy is now of an age to read some really good books. He took our Catcher in the Rye to camp with him and finished it, and I just gave him To Kill a Mockingbird and Red Sky at Morning (which not too many people seem to know about, but it's one of my favorite books). There are so many books I want him to read, and it's very exciting for me that he's now old enough to start on the good books. I remember when I was his age I read The Great Santini and constructed a scene from that book for a diorama project the English teacher gave us. There were, like, 5 models of Masada (the book/movie was big that year, and also I was attending a religious school at the time), some Anne of Green Gables and Sarah, Plain and Tall sorts of thing, and my Great Santini. I think the teacher had serious doubts about my influences, and she was probably right, because I was a voracious and precocious reader, but I think ultimately all that reading was a benefit to me, even the stuff that was inappropriate at the time. I would not unread a single book. So if anyone has suggestions on good books for the Boy, let me know.

Tonight Francisco is going to his Tuesday shoot, and Boy and I will be home. I'm going to make gluten-free pancakes for dinner, because they're good and easy. I'll check our produce situation and maybe throw a vegetable on the plate too. We've been doing the CSA again this year and we got a load of vegetables last Thursday but I think most of them have been eaten already.

Have a good night!


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