Does the Pope wear a lobster bib?


I am way too fascinated by the Pope, especially considering I'm not the least bit Catholic. This morning I was wondering if the Pope had dated anyone, before he decided to be a priest, because can you imagine having dated him and being able to say so? "Oh yes, I dated The Pope when we were teenagers". That would be the Best and if it were true for me I'd say so at least 7 times per day and as a result I'd have no friends. Also, you have to figure he went through a biting stage when he was little, and it would be great if he'd bit you so you could make a t-shirt that said, "The Pope Bit Me And Now He Never Calls". Stuff like that. I started thinking about him this morning [again] because I like to combine 'does a bear shit in the woods?' with 'does the pope wear a funny hat?' to make 'does the pope shit in the woods?', so that popped into my head and made me think that probably the Pope had gone camping at least once in his life, and so he probably Has shat in the woods. I mean, who hasn't?

Where does one buy lobster bibs without buying lobsters? Lobster bibs are inherently funny and I'd like to have the option of wearing them around on my days off. Or maybe I could make a t-shirt that makes it look like I'm wearing a lobster bib--like those old tuxedo t-shirts, except different. Trompe L'Oeile!! [sp?] I talk an awful lot about making t-shirts, for someone who never makes t-shirts. But I will make t-shirts; mark my words. It's just a matter of time.

Last night I was working on files when the phone rang, and it was my brother. I certainly was not expecting it to be him, because I haven't talked to him in months and months, or maybe over a year--I can't remember--since he has not had a phone for most of the past two years. I'd like to say we had a good conversation, but man, it was just too depressing to be good. I knew he'd had a bicycle accident just over a week ago, and he was in the hospital for a few days because he damaged his spleen and the doctors were monitoring him to see if the spleen needed to be removed, but it doesn't. And somehow he got a blood infection while in the hospital so he's taking antibiotics for that, and he was all feverish when he was talking to me, and sounded a little out of it, and I think I sounded normal but I just felt such despair about him. It's so bizarre that his life is full of public defenders and road crews and felonies and welfare and addiction counselors. When we were growing up, I never could have foreseen the life he has; it's a really bad life. I know he's trying to get it together and make changes and turn his life around, but it's slow going and hard and discouraging for him, so he tries for awhile and then doesn't try. He has a job interview today and here's hoping it goes well.

This afternoon my phone rang for what felt like the millionth time today, and I picked it up wearily and said my standard, "Hi, this is Eva--can I help you?" The student on the other end said, "Yeah, I just got my aid award [at which point I cringed, out of habit] and I just want to say thank you soooooo much!" He was talking so fast and he was all breathless and it made me think he'd just run in from his mailbox, and he was telling me that the school rocks and he's so excited, and on and on, and I ended up laughing like crazy because that is not my typical April phone call. At some point in there he threw in a spirited, "WOOOO!" and basically it made my afternoon. Thank goodness for one happy person in the midst of many unhappy people.

Francisco and I went for a walk this morning and as we were walking he said his left leg kind of hurt. I asked if he'd done something to it, and he said it was probably from the previous night's shooty-shoot, because there was a course where he had to shoot a couple targets and then dive behind a garbage can before shooting another target. I lifted an eyebrow. "You had to dive behind a garbage can?" And he said, "Well when You say it, it sounds stupid.". Yes...when I say it. That man has some strange hobbies, but at least he's really good at them.

My sister's wedding pictures are posted on the web (the company who took the pictures posts them and anyone can order copies, which is really smart of them and probably makes them a lot of money), and there's a huge number of pictures out there. 57 pages just for the reception. Anyway, if anyone wants to look, email me and I'll send you the url and wedding code; I don't think Minired will mind, or I hope not. She was a lovely bride and it was a great wedding.

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