I don't care if it rains or freezes, as long as I've got my plastic Jesus


Yesterday I decided that, if I ever live in a small town (I'd like to), I'm going to buy one of those Shriner cars and make a Shriner outfit (complete with fez) and drive that car around town, frequently, honking and waving, wearing my outfit. Maybe I'll also throw candy to children and they will all love me, while their parents will view me as the town loony, but hopefully in a really tolerant way. If this idea is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Francisco has recently grown himself a goatee; it's very poky and is ruining kissing for me, as we cannot kiss without me ending up injured. I am calling him Beardie Beardo until he shaves it, and I think that's a good compromise.

I don't know if you remember from a couple years ago, but the first time my boss became a grandpa, some people here organized a 'gr@ndpa shower' for him, which was clearly not necessary, but I went along with it. Now that he has just received another grandson, the same people have organized another freaking shower, and not only is that not necessary, it is really, really stupid. I voiced my protest about it but it was 7 to 5 in favor of the shower, so we're having the damn thing, next Friday. I am considering calling in sick, and one of my coworkers who also thinks it's stupid said she was thinking about being "sick" that day too. I said if we were both sick we should meet up for lunch, and we're thinking that over. Probably neither of us will call in sick (it would look a little suspicious), but it's a nice dream. Stay tuned for more bitching, because it Will be forthcoming.

This weekend I'll be making at least one of the sleeves for my sweater, but I also have an idea in my head for a project involving little matchboxes, so I think matchboxes will have to be purchased and played with. I used to have a few little matchboxes from restaurants but I may have thrown them out, thinking I would never do anything with them; the moral of this story is, never throw anything out. Keep everything you think you might conceivably need, until you are crushed under the weight of your possessions and left for dead. Wait. What?

There's a rumor of a new ice storm that might blow into town on Sunday night/Monday morning, so maybe I'll be trapped in my house on Monday. I have to say, that sounds pretty damn good right now. I'm feeling a little harried at work, and also I am Extremely Tired, due to not sleeping well for the past what-seems-like-forever. I can't get comfortable, and my brain won't shut off, and then I'm too hot or too cold, or Esther coughs and needs a pilling, and this morning I stared into the mirror, transfixed by the bags and dark circles under my eyes, as they are not normal for me. Coverup, stat! I don't think it's helping.

Ever since I read 'Blue Shoe', by Anne Lamott (a couple of weeks ago), I've been thinking about it, specifically about this one part my attention keeps snapping back to. It's where the main character is going through a lot of stuff with her ex, and her kids, and her mom, and a man she's interested in, and she's having to juggle and balance everything and try to be diplomatic with everyone. And she thinks about how she would love to just start telling the truth to everyone and let the consequences be what they may, and in the book after the character thinks that, it gives her a feeling of relief, and it gave ME a feeling of relief to just read that, because it seems so simple. And I want to try that, which is not to say that I lie a lot, because I don't, but if I could start saying what I mean sometimes instead of dancing with diplomacy, it would make things easier. I mean, if the person I'm telling my truth to doesn't like it, then That could be hard, but I think I would feel a greater respect for myself and for my opinion if I could just freaking Give it sometimes instead of saying something evasive to avoid the possibility of offending. So here I am telling you that from now on, I'm going to be telling the truth at all times (gently) and just let what happens happens. This does not include giving my opinion unasked, as in marching up to someone to tell them their pants are unflattering, or whatever. This is when my opinion or advice is sought, or when a good friend or family member needs some tough love. I am resolved and I hope it doesn't blow up in my face.

I have so much to get done this afternoon and virtually no brain to turn to for help. If everyone could send one brain cell to the following address.....oh never mind.


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