"Helen, what's that on his head?"


When I really want to get Francisco's goat, I tell him the government faked the moon landing--it makes him cringe. Another thing about Francisco, this morning when I was leaving, he was getting ready to take a shower and was therefore naked. Did he let that stop him from walking me to the door? No he did not. He put on a pith helmet, walked me to the door, and kissed me goodbye, in full sight of the neighbors. They weren't looking, but if they had been? They'd have seen a naked guy wearing a pith helmet, and you know that's not something you see every day.

Okay, I just have to say this: I'm bothered by the assassination of the Hussein sons. Not because I think they were good guys, and not because I think they didn't deserve to die, but because I don't think this is a message our government needs to be sending right now. Why don't they just write a letter to the world, along the lines of the following:

Dear Everyone Else on the Planet,

We know most of you don't trust us right now, and many of you outright hate us. We're making mistakes right and left and showing complete disregard for things the majority of you find important. So what we figure we'll do is, we'll assassinate people we don't like, and then gloat about it a little. We won't try to capture them and put them on trial, even though our country's whole justice system is based on the premise "innocent until proven guilty", and we won't allow the Iraqi citizens the satisfaction of seeing these guys punished. We'll just kill them, because we don't like who they are or what they have done. Be aware; we're in the killing business now, so maybe you all oughta watch what you say and do.


Dubya and the band of minions

I think if our government wasn't doing so many sneaky, underhanded things already, the assassination of the Husseins might not bother me so much, but as it is, it's making me goddamn nervous.

So what else do I have to talk about...what else...what else.... Nothing, that's what. Life is slow right now, but in a good way. Tonight I will go home and do the regular stuff, and love every minute of it. Have a good night!


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