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The Boy's mom called last night, collect. From prison. Fortunately Francisco answered the phone and was the one who heard the whole cautionary pre-recorded message saying it was a collect call from prison, so Boy didn't have to be confused by it. We're not sure what she's in for this time, but she will apparently be there until September, and she gave a mailing address. Francisco will tell Boy today that she called and that he's going to send her some pictures, and see if Boy wants to write a note to enclose. Poor kid. It must be weird to think of your mom in prison; for that reason we try to avoid watching prison films, because it's not like he needs to be any More creeped out by that than he probably already is.

Before she called last night, I watched The Prophecy, or more accurately, fast forwarded through all but Viggo Mortensen's scenes, as Lucifer. I tried to watch the whole movie but it bored me, except for how the demons perched on things like giant birds--that was kind of cool. My boy Viggo was a good Lucifer, and you can believe I've been, and will continue to be, hissing "I love you more than Jesus!" at Francisco, Boy, and the cats. It's stuck in my head today. I will also use "I could lay you out and fill your mouth with your mother's feces", from time to time, but that won't get Near as much play.

I had a bizarre dream this morning that all the AtomicFriends met up somewhere for a big party, and that the place we were staying at made us train to do helicopter rescues, just in case such a thing would be necessary when we were there. I remember hearing the alarm indicating we needed to run out and do a rescue drill, and the only shoes I could find that were mine were pink, clear plastic mules with pink marabou on the toes. I can tell you right now, they were not easy to run in. Especially drunk. I should also add that I don't own shoes like that in real life, though clearly I should.

Got my hair cut today, finally, It's a little weird looking, as it always is after a cut, but tomorrow I'm sure it'll look a lot better, and it Already looks 100% better than it did before the cut. As usual I thought at first that she wasn't cutting enough, but that's because I forgot she always makes 4 or 5 passes through my hair, since it's a little wild and snarly and the long hairs need to be rooted out. They can hide in there, as could crickets and very small mammals, though she didn't find any of those. She's a gossiper--she told me about some 10 year old girl whose mom brought her in recently, for highlights, who had told her "I do pilates". My god, what a high maintenence woman That kid's going to be. Yikes.

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