Piglets, Francisco?


This morning I was making some decaf coffee for myself and Francisco let me know that, "In New Guinea, some human mothers also breastfeed piglets." He then added, "I bet you could've gone all day without knowing that." How right he was.

So far today I have watered my indoor plants and read a book (not a huge book, and a fairly quick read). I'd tell you about the book except it wasn't that good, and I wouldn't recommend it. I'm feeling pretty slothful this weekend because I started getting a cold on Friday night. This seems very unfair to me, especially because I got the sore throat just a few hours after finishing my Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (and/or Lyme disease) antibiotics. The Universe is messing with me, but I'm refusing to let it depress me. This is big talk, of course, but I'll overcome the cold and will be fine, unless I get some other illness on top of it. If that happens, I'm taking to my bed and you'll probably never hear from me again.

Yesterday we went to Charlie's Angels, and it was really fun. Francisco's review? "That was the greatest piece of art any human society has ever produced." During the movie he developed a strong crush on Cameron Diaz, and I'm sure he'll be wanting to see the movie again. He'll take Boy, when he's back from Oregon.

The dinner with our AtomicFriend on Thursday night was really, Really fun. We took her to a pan-Asian place and spent a couple hours over drinks and dinner. Fun conversation, good food, good beer. What could be better? She's really great and I hope she'll have to come here for business again, preferably frequently. Francisco got some pictures and I will post them at some point, but right now I'm not sure where they are on this computer, so I'll do it soon but not today.

Otherwise this weekend, we've done a few errands and have eaten a lot of vegetables. Our farm delivery on Thursday was large and varied, and we still have a head of cabbage, some wax beans, some beets, and a bag of basil leaves to get through. I think tonight's dinner will be pasta with pesto, and the beans. I don't know What to do about those beets; I'ma let Francisco deal with those nasties. Hopefully he'll prepare them in such a way as to completely mask their taste, because I'm not a fan of the dirt flavor.

I think I might take a nap this afternoon. I'm tired from having the cold, and also last night we switched sides of the bed, just as an experiment. We've always slept on our designated sides, for 13 1/2 years now, and we thought maybe it was time for a change. It sure threw the cats for a loop. Lucy wasn't sure What to do, and essentially they didn't change their positions. This meant that Francisco had Lucy heaped up against his left hip all night, and Esther crowding his leg room at the foot of the bed. I slept pretty well, but I don't think I want to give up my side; the other side is too disorienting. I woke up at some point, convinced that I'd slept in my contact lenses, even though everything was blurry--I blame the Wrong side of the bed.

Have a happy Sunday...


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