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Skymiles put some pictures of our meeting on his site today, and it has spurred me to get off my lazy ass and do likewise.

Here's the only good one I have of us (see his site for others):

And a couple of pictures of Ruby (the AtomicFriend we dined with last Thursday night):

Putting these two pictures up here is funny to me, because Ruby has generally refused to let the AtomicFriends see what she looks like, and who am I to interfere with that?

I'm not sleeping very well. I keep waking up in the early morning--like 3:30-ish--and either can't get back to sleep or go to sleep just a few minutes before I have to get up. It is unpleasant. I still have a sore throat and my pile of work is getting bigger by the hour. As a result of these things, I am feeling rather mentally ill today, and don't have the strength to write a real entry. I mean, no biggie; I'll feel better and will start sleeping and yadda yadda, but today the brain cells that contain The Funny and The Creative are on strike.

But at least I get Friday off without having to work 10 hour days for it this week. That's something, right? Give it up for July 4!


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