photos, anyone?


I have to leave work at 1:00 to go to my eye checkup, so this needs to be super fast. As promised yesterday, here is a photo of my brand new pockabook that I made with My Own Two Hands:

new pockabook

I know, big excitement, right?

And as long as we're talking about photos, the $1 camera contest photos are up at Flickr now. If you'd like to vote but don't have a Flickr account, you can comment in my guestbook with the number of the photo you think is "best". There's only 4 photos in the contest because neither Jeff nor myself had more than 2 photos that were even halfway lookatable. After scanning my two in, I have revised my opinion about the $1 cameras--even with sealing the light leaks and rewinding by hand, I don't think you could get decent pictures from them.

Nothing else to report except that I got a call from Miles last night, completely out of the blue. He was calling from Graceland, or more specifically, the Graceland gift shop. I didn't even know he was in Tennessee, because I'm dumb like that, but it sounds to me like there are some very interesting things for sale in that gift shop. He was looking for something for his beeeebeeee, and I suggested a tiny little Elvis wig and sideburns, but they didn't seem to have that. I'm so pleased he went to Graceland; it's totally his kind of place [see also: cheesy].

Okay, I'm going to hang up now and prepare to leave for my appointment.

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