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This weekend:

1) We visited my sister and had a fantastic time. Before we drove to see them, though, we had a major hailstorm:


It stopped before we left and the drive down was uneventful. Minired and Non took us to an excellent beer bar for lunch:

more beer bar

I had a pint of Old Speckled Hen (they had it on tap, whee!) and then a bottle of something else I got by requesting to play "beer poker", which is where the cranky anorexic bartender chooses a bottle of beer at random (they had 200 beers, though many were draft) and gives it to you with an expression of utter loathing. I got rather tipsy because I'd forgotten to eat breakfast and had nothing in my stomach to absorb the beery goodness; needless to say, it was a very fun time. After the beer bar we went back to their house and played some cards:

poker 2

After a little while I had to go lay on the couch, so I don't know who ended up with the most poker chips, but maybe Minired, because she was doing very well when I abandoned them. We left around 5-ish and drove back home in some interesting weather:


A great day, all in all.

2) On Sunday I barely restrained myself from going on a killing spree at Walmart. I just went there for a few things, but of Course they had no carry baskets, only carts, so I picked up an Easter basket to carry my stuff around in. It was ultra super crowded, which is cranky-making, and in defiance of all things Southern Republican, I impulse-bought Brokeback Mountain. I wanted it anyway but hadn't planned to buy it until I happened to see it, and do you know, I had to show my ID to buy it? I was livid. I've purchased R-rated DVDs at Walmart before and never had to show my ID, so I have to assume it's because there are [GASP] gay characters in the movie. It was at that point that I felt the killing spree urge come upon me in earnest, but fortunately I made it out of there without even one little murder. Not that anyone will put up a statue of me for showing such restraint. I mean, why do I bother?

UNfortunately I'd accidentally bought the widescreen version of the movie [insert lots of cursing here], but Francisco kindly exchanged it for me yesterday so I wouldn't have to go back. He's the BEST.

I guess I don't have much else to tell about the weekend. We went for a walk, but it was short and not that interesting, and I cleaned things and made dinner. So, uh. Yeah, nothing else to tell.

Experiment Update: As of this morning I'm down 9.5 pounds, which I'm pleased about. I haven't been exercising enough, so I'll step that up and keep going with the calorie-reducing thing and the experiment will, I assume, continue to be a success. I'm wearing my favorite pants today and it occurred to me when I put them on that I'll probably never wear them again. They're corduroy and the weather is heating up, and plus they're definitely too big on me already and will Hopefully be way, Way too big in the fall, which is when I'd want to wear them again. Oh red corduroy pants, how I'll miss you!! I wonder if my mom would want you, since you are cute and super comfortable; I will ask her.

Song of the Day: Shapes and Sizes -- Islands Gone Bad, at Bows and Arrows.

I wish I had more time today to find a bunch of songs for you, but yesterday was a really busy day and I had to catch up my work today so don't have a lot of time.

And now I have to make some unpleasant phone calls and then go home to rest. I bid you adieu.

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