I'm on the verge of cancelling the internet


Dear Friends,

This weekend I:

1) Read

Catching up on my reading

2) Ate

Excuse me, I'm EATING here

3) And sat around looking pretty


I also (with Francisco's kind assistance) scanned some old pictures [many more pending] and posted them on Flickr, along with a few photos I took when we went on a walk yesterday morning. It was a good weekend, all things considered, especially because I wore pajamas until 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, at which time I showered and put on clean pajamas. YESSS!! On Saturday and Sunday nights I made dinner. Saturday night we had pancakes and bacon, and Sunday night we had my version of the Mexican Shepherd's pie Atomic invented [it's chili that has cornbread batter poured on it and then baked]. It got two thumbs up; way up.

Songs of the Day:

Shrift -- As Far As I Can See, at Comfort Music.

Loose Joints -- Is It All Over My Face, at Banana Nutrament.

Cat Stevens -- Trouble, at Charles Bronson vs God.

Francisco and Sharky just called to tell me we're getting pizza for dinner; Sharky's prize for beating Francisco at darts. I would be completely unsurprised if Francisco purposely threw the game, because who doesn't like pizza? Not many people, that's who.

It's cold; I wish I'd worn a sweater this morning.

More tomorrow.

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