I'll do what you want me to do


Last night at yoga, the instructor said "Now we'll do the dancer [pose]", and my brain asked, "a private dancer? a dancer for money? i'm going to need more information about this dancer". The brain, she is still no good with the clearing of the mind. At this rate I won't attain nirvana for years and years.

For a couple years now, Francisco and I have kicked around the idea that we might hire someone to clean our house once a week. At first it was a someday idea, for when he and I were both working full-time, but then we sort of forgot about it, and really it's not like our house is large or hard to clean, so it wasn't a big priority. A couple weeks ago I resurrected the idea, because with Francisco at sleepaway police and with my job being so busy, I haven't wanted to clean during the week OR on the weekends when Francisco is home for so precious little time. Plus, when he gets back from academy his schedule is going to be weird enough that I don't even know how often I'll see him, and so the idea of not having to spend time cleaning that might be spent with him is pretty attractive. Today I called a cleaning service [Francisco, do you hear that, I CALLED, quit bugging me] and am expecting a call back to talk about what kinds of things we'd like done. I don't want anyone to do my laundry or change sheets or anything like that. I think what I'd like to have done would be the bathrooms and the floors and the dusting. If there was extra time, I wouldn't mind having the kitchen counters cleaned super good. I clean them daily, but mostly just with a sponge; I don't use a cleaner very often and sort of think I probably should, especially after all the episodes of 'How Clean Is Your House?' that I watch. Also, I'm thinking that I might like to schedule people to come out and do the windows and window tracks, because they are somewhat filthy--they were filthy when we moved in, but it was December and far too cold to clean them then, and since the weather warmed up I've been far too lazy to clean them. I feel semi-guilty when I think about paying other people to clean my house, but then I remember that the people who clean houses Probably don't think of their clients as The Oppressors or whatever, and also they make their money that way, so maybe I should just get over it. We can always try out the cleaning service idea and stop with it later if we don't feel it's worth it, right?

My other Privileged Person News of the Day is that we need to get a car to replace the one we're giving to The Shark, so Francisco's been doing some online research about that. We'd been thinking about getting a Prius, but those cars are so damn expensive, and also hard to get (at least where we live), AND we would be driving it mostly on the highway, which is not where it gets the super good gas mileage. I walk or bike to work and Francisco will be getting a police car to drive to, during, and from work, so mostly the car will sit in the driveway except when we go to Seattle or Yakima or Eugene or Thailand. One of those driving destinations is fake; see if you can guess which. Anyway, we're now thinking that we'll get a car that gets good mileage but isn't a hybrid, with the thought that in a few years we could give that car to The Shark (an upgrade for him) and get a hybrid, if they're not still a million dollars and requiring a blood sacrifice to get on the waiting list. I think this is a pretty good solution to our dilemma, and I'm sure The Shark would agree with me.

I have a ton of things to get done this evening and nothing else to report, really, so goodbye for now; talk to you later.




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