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You know, I don't even like death metal that much, but how can I not love a band that has a parrot as a lead singer? I can't not love them, that's how. If you follow that link you can click "mp3s available" and download their song 'God of Empty Nest'. I'm just saying.

So, the Careers in Radio book I checked out? Is pretty unhelpful. Sample: "Stations with music formats may specialize in an array of styles of music. These include country, pop, easy listening, top-40, rock, R & B, and oldies. In addition to introducing the records, many On-Air Personalities/DJs offer facts to the listeners about the recording artists, their music, tours, etc. This makes listening more interesting. Most individuals ad-lib frequently during their shift about the music, events, traffic, or weather. This banter helps listeners become involved." The book also notes that "In order to be successful in radio, On-Air Personalities/DJs need to have some sort of style and personality that they project over the air." I guess what I need to do when I'm ready to pursue my exciting new career in radio is see if I can talk to some radio station managers about the education/skills I need, because the book says that some stations require vocational training and some don't. Therefore, I will or will not be pursuing vocational training, and of course I will need to develop some sort of style and personality.* I'll get right on that. Thank you, Careers in Radio!

Not a lot to say, mainly because this job has really been getting me down lately. I know it's all in my attitude, the way I feel about the job, so I've been trying to train my brain to stop being such a big crybaby, but it's slow going. Something that isn't helping today is that we're having yet another useless party. Today is exactly two months after the birthday of the coworker who always endeavors to do other people's birthdays up big, so the boss wants to throw her a party today because she will not expect it. And I'm thinking, but we had a little party on her birthday! Why in the world do we need another one? I know my very wide streak of whimsy shouldn't balk at the idea of a needless party, but baby, I'm BUSY! There are some difficulties with finalizing some 03-04 funding, made more confusing by the arrival of a reconcilliation roster that greatly differs from my information. Kudos to Michael at COD school relations, by the way, for being so incredibly helpful this morning. If it wasn't for him and his help, I'd be weeping right at this very moment. Not that he'll ever read this, but still, credit where credit's due.

ANYway, we haven't been doing much at the homestead. Last night we watched too much television (well, including a Netflick) and we must stop doing that. Francisco made some peanut butter cookies (he Must stop doing that) and we all went to bed early (9:30 for Boy, 10:00 for us). Went to the gym this morning where we lifted weights (and Francisco pedalled a bike after he injured a little muscle in his back) and watched people. Jeremy Northam and Otto weren't there this morning, but 'Yes, Dear' and The Missus were strolling in when we were leaving. I dislike how dark it is in the morning now--I know the days are getting shorter, but let's end Daylight Savings already, because I can barely drag my ass out of bed in all that dark. Also, as long as I'm making demands, I would like it to get chilly now. Kimmy and the AtomicFriends have talked about Fall today, and it's made me really long for those chilly days of sweaters and tealights. My office mates and I are still going around barefooted in capri pants and sleeveless shirts, for it is hot, and we don't care for Professional clothing.

This weekend I think I'll make a Pimp Cup, from a cheap goblet and some glue-on plastic jewels. It'll be almost as tacky as the gold and real jewel ones and will be perfect to drink my daily diet coke with lime from (at the office--talk about Professional). Why should rappers be the only ones with extremely poor taste? This is America!

Back to work for me.



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