must hide the evidence


I need to get back in the swing of updating here, but that's not going to start today, because I had no time to write a real entry earlier and I really want to go home now. I will just say that all is well and my Friday doctor appointment went great (who knew?) even though the heat was on in the exam room (it was 80 degrees out--hello?) and I got so sweaty when sitting naked on the table except for the little "gown" that the table paper got wet and stuck to my ass when I stood up. Sexy, that.

More tomorrow, and a big shout-out to my homies*.



*I have no homies; I just said that to sound important.

PS Also, get this: Francisco's mother got a tattoo! Her best friend also got one; I think they were probably drunk. It's just a little one--the Chinese character for longevity--but it's just so crazy that she would do that. I think it's Great. |


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