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I'm taking a short break from packing everything we own to do a quick update. Today I'm concentrating on the kitchen, because it is the most odious of all the rooms, as far as packing goes. I've done almost all of it and will finish it today so I can move on to other rooms tomorrow.

Kill me.

Friday was a blur of working and getting emails from students to say goodbye--I got emails on Thursday too, because my farewell email to my students went out on Thursday morning. When writing my email, I completely discarded professionalism and went for the laughs, and it seems to have worked out; no one called the police and almost every student said they thought it was funny. At about 3:00, I went downstairs to mail something, and the conference room door was closed, plus there was suspicious rustling coming from there. This is how I knew a farewell party was afoot (I have a keen sense for these things), and I wasn't wrong. At 4:00 I was told my presence was requested in the conference room, so I went down and WOW, my coworkers had done a good job--they turned that boring room into a dance party. I turned around and ran back to my office to get the glowsticks I had stashed in my closet, because if I wasn't going to use them then, when was I going to use them? Never, that's when.

Francisco and Sharky showed up, and one of my coworkers poured me a cosmo and there was food and music and a twirly light,

spinny lamp thing and chicken wings

...and my friend, Jeff Sr., came over from next door, bringing some badges he made for everyone to wear:

VonWiffle made this

He's lucky I was too squiffy to do him an injury. No, really it was nice of him to make them, and they're funny, though he does certainly take liberties with my age and the note under the photo.

My party lasted until 6:30, and we purposely trashed the conference room (in a non-damaging way) so the boss would see it when he came in on the weekend and would wonder what the hell had happened there. He was out of town, and so was not in attendance at the party; his loss.

I had some things to finish up after the party, and I tried to do them, but I was pretty tired at that point and the office was creeping me out because I heard a loud noise downstairs after everyone had left. It wasn't call-the-police loud, but it was definitely what-the-hell-was-that loud. So I left and went home, where I slept absolutely horribly and then went back to the office at about 8 the next day to finish up. I did all my stuff and finished redistributing my possessions to other people's offices (not everything, just a lot of silly shit) and then said goodbye to the office ghost and left that place forever. I cried like a baby, though, because I will miss my coworkers (almost all of them), if not the job itself.

So that's the story of my last day at my job, and I have to go now, because there is a subway sandwich waiting for me.

I wish you could see this house right now; it's a shithole, and I think even Miss Catie would agree to that if she could see it.

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