the packages will be flying thick and furious. or something.


Okay, Sweeties. Yesterday on my radio station, I heard the Best song, and I want you to go listen to the sample of it I found. I mean, you don't Have to go listen, but it's such a great song, and I'm totally going to buy the album because the other samples confirm it to be Good. The artist is named Niko, and the album is called Life on Earth. You can listen to the samples here and the song I am specifically talking about is 'An Echo of Quiet and Green'. It is truly kickass. For real. Oh PLEASE go listen! And if you like it a lot, the album is available on and probably also amazon, though I have not checked.

As long as I'm recommending things, allow me to direct you to Brandon Bird's site. Francisco's sister told me about him, and his art makes me happy. That link takes you to his painting, 'Husky Ne'er-Do-Well", which is my favorite, but if you click the paintings link at the bottom of the page, you can see his others. Many of his paintings can be purchased as prints, t-shirts, or etc at CafePress, though not my favorite (alas!). If I had the $800, that painting would be hanging in my living room; no question about it. As it is, I might buy a t-shirt of 'Bad Day on the High Seas', or 'Killing Machine'; both are excellent and funny paintings.

Last night as I was cleaning up after dinner, it occurred to me that the Altoid tin project would be a lot more fun if I could spread the tins around the country (or the globe, if I might dare to dream), so I was wondering if any of you would be willing to let me mail a tin to you that you would then hide somewhere for a person to find. If you would be willing, guestbook me, and be assured that you will be sent a little giftie for your trouble.

This idea coincides nicely with the Fabulous Catie's scarf exchange. If you knit and would like to participate in a scarf exchange with other knitters, go on over and sign up on Catie's message board. I did and I think it'll be really fun.

It also coincides with the second annual AtomicTonic ornament exchange, but that's an inside job and therefore has no relevance for anyone but AtomicFriends. I mention it only because it's something I'm excited about, and I always write in my diary about things that excite me.

Catalogues depress me sometimes. I recently got a Pottery Barn catalogue, with Christmas stuff in it, and when I looked through it I began to despair. I think it was the perfection that got to me; the Christmas stockings arranged just so, the platters and knicknacks and gleaming surfaces. I started to despise Pottery Barn for the illusion they're selling, but also for the lack of imagination. Where are the stuffed iguanas and the prosthetic limbs? Where are the half-dressed mannequins and the lamps shaped like womens' legs? I guess it's safe to say our house will never appear in a beautiful home type-magazine, and that's okay. To each their own.

Hey, get this: After years and years and Years of forgetting, I have finally learned to remember that candy corn is groce. In previous years I always had to eat a few pieces to recall that it's nasty, but this year I remembered without putting any in my mouth. Now That's progress! Don't send me hate mail if you like candy corn, because I know it's not groce to everyone, but it's definitely groce to me, and I'm just glad my brain has finally gotten the message.

Another thing I keep forgetting is that I love our gym. This is probably because we go there at the crack of sparrow's fart, so I'm always tired and wishing I was in bed, but it's a great gym. I remembered again this morning that I love it, because there were a few weightlifting guys sitting around while they took turns doing some kind of complicated tricep-building maneuver, and the sitting around guys were sort of heckling the guy who was doing the lifting. And the gym I used to go to, for 3 years or so, didn't have the heckling guys. People barely spoke and it was a generally solemn kind of place. This gym is much better for me; I prefer the loudness and mocking and the all-around more carefree attitude.

I have a lot of stupid and boring things to do today, so I better get to it. Talk to you later,
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