this is an outrage!


I'm all het up about something. [yes, again. shut it.] It's the whole "we need to change Halloween to Saturday because the 31st is a Sunday" issue. This reared its ugly head a few years ago (and actually I think that was a clash with Wednesday night church, of all things), but my neighborhood put its foot down and, for the most part, sent their children out on Halloween proper. Now I've heard from coworkers that all the small towns around here are "changing" Halloween to the 30th, and I am appalled. Halloween is the 31st! When I was a kid, there was never even a suggestion that Halloween be switched to a different day--you just put on your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume (or whatever) and trick or treated on Halloween, no matter what day of the week it fell on. If parents didn't want their kids to go out on a Sunday, then those kids didn't go out. I think that's the problem, actually--parents nowadays don't want to say no to their kids. They feel strongly that their kids shouldn't go trick or treating on a Sunday, but rather than tell them they can't go, they TAMPER WITH THE VERY FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE and change Halloween to the 30th. If people can successfully get others to go along with that scheme, then fine, but children who come to my house on the 30th will not be receiving candy; they will instead each be receiving a small can of Deviled Ham. If this makes me a jerk, then I'm a jerk, but I'm a jerk with an axe to grind and I'm a jerk who is going to make my point with the gifting of a potted meat product to every child who knocks on the 30th. If parents want to yell at me for not giving out candy, I will tell them (truthfully) that we do not have candy in the house because it is not Halloween yet. [side note: we can't buy candy before the day of Halloween, because if it's in the house we'll eat it all. we know this from painful prior experience. I think we're safe in having Deviled Ham in the house for a few days, since we won't be even slightly tempted to eat it]

I am spent.
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