his t-shirt is my pain


I'm considering becoming a rapper, for comedic purposes, because I don't think there are any women doing rap comedy, though I could be wrong. Feel free to correct me, if needed, in the guestbook. If I follow through with this plan (not all that likely, which you already know if you know me at all) I will call myself Pernicious E. Stay tuned.

This morning Esther did one of her accidental roll-offs, from the sofa, and it was spectacular; a roll-off to end all roll-offs. She was laying on the couch with her back to the edge, when she stretched luxuriously while rolling onto her back. Unfortunately for her dignity, this propelled her off the edge and down she went, clawing futilely at the sofa cushion. I laughed at her and she tried to get sympathy by holding up one of her paws like it was hurt, but when I tried to look at it, she walked on it with no limp, so it was all a fakeout. I really don't think it would be possible for me to love her more than I do.

So, I don't think I mentioned it, but Boy came back from camp with a slight cold, and now I'm getting it. Can you imagine how aggravating that is, getting a cold just a few days before going on vacation? I'm not happy, Eddie. We have some of those zinc lozenge things and I am sucking them, and they'd Better work, because they taste so gross I practically gag. And I'm not a big gagger. It's all very vexing.

Look, I vowed to quit talking about that radio station, because I'm sure everyone is very sick of it, but I just have to say one last thing. This afternoon they played a song from a Hari Krishna reggae group, and I had the volume down so I'm not sure if the DJ said they are from Holland or Poland, but either way, come ON. This station is making me so happy.

We went to the gym this morning, and as I mentioned to Catie in an email earlier today, I found out that the elliptical trainer (a model which makes you use your arms as well) is the first gym machine I've ever met that made me wish I was dead. I managed to do 20 minutes on it, but that was on the lowest level. I'd only been on it for, like, 30 seconds when I realized I'd made a terrible mistake in choosing that machine. Of course I'll be using it again, because it Must be good for me. Not so much good people watching this morning at the gym. The best guy to watch was a guy who I remember from a couple years ago, who wears a "God's Gym" t-shirt. "His pain is your gain". This guy has muscles like you wouldn't believe, but like all evangelically religious people, he's not that interesting to watch.

Pardon me, but it's time to suck another zinc lozenge now, and I don't want to be typing while gagging. I'll talk to ya later--peace out.


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