ouch, my arm! ouch, my calves! ouch, my back!


Oy. Yesterday morning when Francisco and Boy went to the track nearby to run, I did one of my step aerobics tapes, and I am Not used to step aerobics anymore. I'm walking gingerly today, as I strained all of my muscles and some of yours. It's good, though; I like having sore muscles. It confirms that I really worked as hard as I think I did.

Friday night Boy had his friend over and they played computer games and did boy things while Francisco and I holed up in our bedroom and watched Notorious C.H.O., which was funny and (as anticipated) highly inappropriate for 12 year olds. Boy was disappointed that we wouldn't let him watch it, but we were very glad we followed our instincts and said no. On Saturday I went shopping by myself; I went to TJ Maxx and the fabric store next to it. At TJ Maxx I bought a cute black skirt (for $10 on clearance--I love a bargain), a sweatery shirt, and a cashmere sweater. I don't buy a lot of cashmere (in fact, I've Never bought cashmere, though I have one other cashmere sweater, given to me by my mom) but this was such a great price and color and style, I couldn't resist. I also picked up some good shampoo and a pair of pantihose (ssssssss!) as well. Then I went next door to the fabric store and the real fun started. I found some great remnants (I have plans for them) and had a fabulous time looking at just about everything in the store--it was mainly a fact-finding mission for later, but I also got some buttons and some yarn (one skein, for a hat for Boy) and can hardly wait to put my remnant plan into effect.

After shopping I zipped home in time to watch the first Angel episode (which came on at 4), and I really liked it! I wasn't positive I would like that series but intended to watch it anyway, since one of my fictional imaginary boyfriends (Spike) will be on next season. Then yesterday I found out Angel will be running in syndication, one episode per day (starting today) and in order from the beginning on TBS (I think. one of those cable channels starting with T). So this is good news, because without watching those I'd have no idea what's going on at all with that show. And the new season starts Wednesday--woo-hoo!

Yesterday we went to a Greek Festival thingy (which was mainly just a food thing, with opportunities to buy Greek-ish things), and it was okay except it was really crowded and I had to work to keep from freaking out at being closely surrounded by so many people. It was located right next to the flea market so we perused that when we'd had lunch. Didn't buy anything, which was fine, but I saw a puppy that I'm still thinking about because I'm worried about her. There's a pet area at the flea market and while most of the dogs and rabbits and etc seem healthy and well cared for, this tiny beagle puppy I saw seemed sick or something. She was all by herself in a big pen containing some kind of sawdust thing and she was laying down and trembling. I reached in and petted her and she seemed indifferent to being petted and just really out of it. I didn't know what to do or say, because she seemed really little and thought maybe she was just overwhelmed and scared, but when we left (the puppies were the last thing we saw when we were leaving) I noticed that the hand I'd petted her with was sticky with some kind of stinky (chemical/perfumey) substance. This made me wonder if they'd flea dipped her and she was having a reaction to the chemical. I wish I'd said something, but I didn't know what to say or really what good it would've done, because we're not in the position to have a dog so I couldn't have rescued her by buying her or anything. But I'm wishing I'd have done it anyway because I love animals and hate seeing them in distress. I hate that I did nothing.

Yesterday after getting back from our excursion I made Boy the hat I'd bought the yarn for on Saturday, and he likes it even though it's comically large on him. I should've downsized the needles when I made it, but I didn't realize his head was so small. Oh well, he thinks he's pimpin, or whatever, and it Will keep his head warm when it gets cold. So no big deal; in the future when I make him hats I'll know better. In the meantime, the hat will wear him.

Until later, my leetle desert flowers,


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