glands a goshen


I would sure like to know exactly what it is that is swelling my glands and irritating my sinuses so that I have to blow my nose frequently and then my nose bleeds a little. I don't think it's a cold, and it's definitely not a flu, but could the weather be causing swollen glands? The sore throat and sinus irritation, probably, but the glands? Stupid glands--be less swelly!

Despite all my suffering (...) I still managed to be productive last weekend. I spent several hours hunched over the sewing machine, making little gifties, but also making 6 full-size and 2 cat-size red velvet stockings with white bobble trim. I have to say, the stockings were worth every minute--they are SO festive. Everything I make is taking me longer than I expected, so I am one gift behind at this point and I might have to ditch the bitch and switch (to a bought gift) instead. In fact, I think I'll definitely do that, because the gift in question is one that needs to be mailed pretty soon, along with other gifts that will be held up if I wait to make the thing. Oh the humanity. Francisco is working on my sister's chuppa square and when he's done his part I will come in for the big finish. This has to happen today so we can mail that tomorrow. I'm going out foraging at lunch today for some additional gifts, and hopefully I can find all the stuff I need to find so we can mail EVerything tomorrow and get it out of here before the lines at the post office are like they were last year before xmas. Can you tell I'm a little tense about getting all things mailed? Once the long distance gifts are covered, I will relax. I also need to send my friend, Isabel's, daughters their Christmas Potatoes (TM), which I should have done last week but I just didn't have time to go to the post office.

Deep Cleansing Breath. I would like to report that I slept very well last night. The night before, not so much, with Esther coughing and me hearing suspicious noises in the middle of the night. But last night we pilled Esther proactively and I took ibuprofen (been a little achey) and managed to get a solid 8 hours. This morning I did yoga while Francisco walked on the treadmill, and I feel really good, except of course for the throat/nose/glands thing. This morning before I woke up I dreamt that Francisco, Boy, and I had formed a little amateur singing group and were going to amateur singing/dancing contests--it was bizarre and a little creepy.

This morning Francisco and I teamed up against Boy in the fart machine wars. Francisco scooped the catbox (in Boy's bathroom) and then wrapped the fart machine in paper towels and left it in the box. When Boy got up and was fumbling around in the bathroom, I snuck partway up the stairs with the remote control and activated the fartyness. Boy's reaction was pretty funny--just before I pushed the remote button I heard him rustling around and after the first fart sounded, like a clarion call, all rustling ceased. He then did a little sleepy questioning groany noise, and then (as I continued to push the button) moaned and said, "gross....." before retrieving the fart machine and turning off the power. But hey, he deserved it for hiding the thing under my side of the bed last night and setting it off just as I was sliding between the sheets. It shattered the small measure of zen-like peace I had going at the time, and Lucy fled in terror when Boy galloped down the stairs, chortling, to retrieve the machine.

My caffeine content is getting dangerously low right now--I'm starting to feel tired. The good news is I've gotten a lot done and have only three more work things before I'm caught up and can goof off with abandon. I have to say, I'm not really looking forward to gift shopping at lunch, but I know I'll feel a sense of victory once I'm done. I'll drink my diet mountain dew and will perk right up, I'm sure.


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