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Sorry for the long time no writey-writey; work has gone to warp speed and I don't have a lot of spare time. This means that updates will probably be short for the next couple of months, but that could be good, because I know I tend to ramble.

This morning we watched CNN and they were showing Tony Blair addressing Parliament--it was fascinating. I like the arrangement of the room and I enjoyed watching the proceedings, because they seem so mysterious. The back and forth talking isn't mysterious; it's how people on one side or the other will stand up like prairie dogs (waiting to get the floor I guess) and then sit back down. Who calls on the speakers and how do they choose? Who was that white-haired man arguing with Tony Blair (who is surely the Hugh Grant of Parliament) and who was the guy sitting to the white-haired guy's right? I want to know that last thing because he appeared to have had a 3 martini lunch. I wish the senate and house had a better, more interesting system of debate, and I wish they did the "rabble rabble rabble!" hear-hearing that Parliament does. It's good I don't live in England, because if I did I'd be all the time watching Parliament on the telly and I'd never get anything done.

Boy is really cracking me up lately. He has this new thing he enjoys, which is to say, gleefully, "I'm going to poop [or pee] in your bathroom!" and start running toward it. At this point we will make some token protest, at which he will say, "Too late--I've already started!" This is funny because he says that last before he's even in the bathroom. I'm not sure where he got this thing, but it's funny.

The Boy is also a total locust recently--he must be having a growth spurt. We went to brunch on Sunday and he ate and ate and ate--even the waiter was impressed. He's been locusty before, so probably it's just a temporary thing (for now), but when it's finished for this round, I'm going to measure him and see how much he's grown. I'm betting it'll be a lot.

I have part of a song stuck in my head; it's from Spinal Tap--didja see it? It's a song that is supposed to be from when they were just starting out, and the part playing on repeat in my brain is, "Do I have to come right out and tell you everythiiiiiing? Give me some money....give me some money." Not sure why it's on continuous play today, but hopefully it won't last.

We had a really good weekend, and the weather was a huge part of that. It was in the mid 70s both days and it made a big difference. We opened the windows, we cleaned (Francisco cleaned the car really well and it looks almost brand new again), we did a little shopping, we had some good meals, we played Crash Team Racing. It was everything a weekend stuck inside due to snow and ice is not, and thank god spring is almost here, because I need more weekends like that. Sun please! Add to shopping cart.

The weather is nice today too, and Francisco and I went for a walk at lunch. I walked on the treadmill this morning before work too, so I get an extra gold star. We discussed those crazy Germans and their fantastic words. Kindergarten? Schaudenfreude? Beauties. Those amazing Germans have words for everything; it's no wonder we've stolen so many of them and stuck them into our language. I need to learn me the German.

That's all I can think of right now--my brain isn't all that creative lately. I think it's just from being so busy with work stuff all the time. Suckish, but what's a girl going to do? Work and make the money, that's what.

Going home now, but hi to my internet friends! I haven't forgotten you; I just haven't wanted to bore you with my noncreative....brain.....thing.

Love and kisses,

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