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This morning when I arrived at the office, there was an invitation on my desk for a product party disguised as an open house, except not very well because it's obviously an event where I'd be expected to purchase things. It's for "gourmet" food, and I don't know exactly what that entails, but I do know I'd rather be dead that attend it, so I rsvp'ed No Thanks right away. One of my coworkers is cohosting it, hence the invitation on my desk. I wonder if some people in the office will feel obligated to go to the thing, since they work with the cohost, because I don't feel that way at all. Should I? That's kind of a rhetorical question, since every last one of you could tell me I should feel obligated and I Still wouldn't go. I don't play well with strangers.

Another annoying work thing: Today I got a forwarded email from a different coworker that purportedly contained remarks made by Paul Harvey in favor of public prayer preceding football games, and I just. I'm rather irritated. The substance of the remarks is to justify public prayer, based on the U.S. being founded as a Christian nation, and suggests atheists and religious non-Christians just suck it up, though not in those words. My plan for sucking it up, by the way, entails not going to football games, since I hate that sport with at least two burning passions. The email furthermore states that Christians are seeing their values eroded and their rights taken away, and I'm not sure where that's happening, because it sure isn't happening in the U.S. I'm not trying to offend anyone by mentioning this, or start any fights, but I'm aggravated that I have to receive this kind of thing at work, in an office where every employee is aware that some of us are religious and some are not. The same coworker sent out another email earlier that I heard about but [thankfully] didn't receive, about boycotting Pepsi because they made special patriotic-themed cans featuring the pledge of allegiance but leaving out the "under God" part [which by the way isn't true--it's a hoax]. The way I think about that issue is, our nation is not united at this time, but if it was going to be united, it is impossible to unite it under God, because not everyone believes in God or the same God. Do we want a united nation or do we want a united Christian nation plus a goodly number of extra people who are just hanging around feeling disenfranchised? Christians have a lot of opportunities to be united together in belief, so why not be satisfied with all those bases of unification and allow all citizens to unite under conditions everyone can get behind? I would really, Truly like to live in peace with my fellow citizens, but I'm not sure I can do that when there is an established agenda to write laws according to religious beliefs to which I do not subscribe. If Christian people would try to put themselves in the nonchristian's place, possibly by imagining themselves living in a predominently Islamic country, with Islamic laws (for instance), maybe they could understand why I have just made a big deal out of this, to the detriment of all things funny.

THAT is enough of THAT; moving right along...

Songs of the Day:

1) Rick Springfield -- Love is Alright Tonight, at Lost in the 80s. Pelt me with rocks and garbage if you must, but I really like this song. Also, the album this song was on is one of the only things I've ever won--I correctly answered a trivia question posed by a radio station during the summer between my sophomore and junior years in high school and won the Rick Springfield album and a Mountain Dew t-shirt. The question was about Watergate and the answer was H.R. Haldeman, for anyone who's wondering. And the answer to the question, "Was Eva popular in high school?" is "Not so much".

2) Alex Under -- El Ganado Ovino Blanco, at Music (For Robots)--scroll down to 9/29. This song is fantastic, and I think even people who are not big fans of the electronic genres would like it. Check it out, yo.

Today I bought a Liverpool soccer jersey from eBay and am all fidgety to receive it in the mail so I can start wearing it, though regrettably not to work. Damn office clothing standards anyway. I wish I had other things to report to you today, but I'm all out. I'm going to go home and have dinner with my boys whilst viewing Arrested Development recorded from yesterday [don't worry--I'm not going to administer another Arrested Development] and almost certainly some soccer. Woo!

Oh, wait, can I say one other soccer thing? Something I think is so, so sweet is when a player scores a goal and, instead of waiting to accept the hugs from teammates, he runs straight for the coach and hugs him. I don't see this very often but I like it; it's as though he's saying, "Daddy, I scored a goal!" Soccer players have GOT to be the best huggers on the planet; I love that so much.

Now I'm done.

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