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1. Several months ago I bought a ring I really love, except the top separated itself from the bottom after maybe a month, and it took me a long time to get around to fixing it. This is mainly because I thought I'd have to solder it, and I'm afraid of my soldering iron, but I decided to try gluing it with E6000. It worked! I'm wearing it today and am happy I could fix it so easily.

2. Next Monday morning I'm going back to my eye doctor, ostensibly so she can see if there's a problem with the way my lenses fit, but I haven't been able to wear them except for a few hours on Monday, and it's both eyes, not just one. My eyes feel gritty and irritated most of the time, and I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever be able to wear contact lenses again. I'll put them in Monday morning, though, and will be at that time ordering new glasses for myself. The ones I've been wearing aren't strong enough, and also they're not overly cute. If I have to wear glasses all the time, I definitely need cuter ones. On Monday I'm also going to choose frames for prescription sunglasses but not order them yet -- I want to wait and see if I can go back to contacts, and also, my glasses are quite expensive, so spreading out the expense would not be a bad thing.

3. [edited] I have had one of my trademark changes of heart, and the paragraph that was here before is no longer relevant.

All for today.



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