she's still in one piece


Highlights of the Long Weekend:

1) Catie did not get eaten by a shark. By the time I knew this was a possibility, the danger had already passed, but it's a relief nonetheless.

2) Seeing family, of COURSE. We didn't do a lot but it was nice to hang out with everybody. Sharky rediscovered his love of ping pong and that was his main source of entertainment; the rest of us were a bit lazier except when coerced into playing with the Shark.

3) I took a nap on Sunday afternoon that ranked among the top ten best naps I've ever had. It was of the type where your head and eyelids are so heavy you cannot wake up even if you wanted to.

4) Bought underpants and sandals (sandals were the coup--they were originally $60 and I got them for $17, plus they are very comfortable).

5) We did not crash during our drive to Eugene or back, and the cats were fine while we were gone.

That's it in a nutshell. I'm kind of tired today, probably because I took awhile to fall asleep last night but got up at 4:45 for the gym anyway--I did not follow the Super Lucky Wither Time regime this weekend and needed to get back on it Immediately. Tonight I'm sure I'll sleep much better and will be more alert tomorrow.

But I'm just so thankful Catie didn't get eaten.




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