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Yesterday I was checking out New Zealand immigration policies, and I like the way they do it. They have a points system, so you take a little quiz, and if you get over 100 points, that's enough to apply for entrance. If Francisco could get an offer of employment in NZ, he would have 195 points, which is more than enough for our family to move there. If I can get employment/experience in radio, that will up the point total, but I didn't recalculate after figuring that out (radio dj is on the NZ list of growth jobs, or something like that). So, though we have no plans at this time to move to NZ, it is at least heartening that we theoretically Could, at some point in the future, if we decide we want to.

This afternoon I found an email address for the Hopkin green frog site (it was there the whole time, but I didn't realize it wasn't part of one of the photoshoppings) and sent them my Craigslist ad. I'm surprised they didn't already do a Craigslist thing; it seems kind of obvious, what with the whole lost frog thing.

Did I tell you my former boy coworker is fake blackmailing me? He is pretending to threaten me by saying he'll tell my boss the url of my diary, unless I send him a new mix cd (which I have made and will mail either tomorrow or Friday), along with a replacement for the one I made him that he says won't play (he's surely doing something wrong--putting it in upside down or something?). I'm going along with the pretend blackmailing though I think we all know I could crush former boy coworker like a grape--it's just kind of fun to be pretend blackmailed. It's way more fun than being blackmailed for real, like I was every day in the first grade by that girl who made me give her my snack pak pudding. Real blackmail is Most Unpleasant.

Update on the crazy email person: I emailed her back last Friday morning (I think it was Friday. Thursday maybe?), just a short email to touch upon what she's doing now (taking online classes, seeing a therapist, etc). I heard back from her before the weekend and her email was short as well but she asked some questions, so I emailed back yesterday to answer her questions and ask a few about her interests (have not heard back from that one yet). The emailing is going better than I expected, by a factor of at least 12. I have so far avoided giving her my address and phone number and will continue to "forget" to do so. What I had suspected from her first and second email is that she was looking for someone to be shocked by all the stuff she had written and hoped I would beg for details. Because I am positive some of what she wrote is stuff her brain made up (satanic ritual abuse, people trying to murder her, teachers who discriminated against her--stuff like that), and because she already has a counselor and a therapist, I would rather not address any of that, so I didn't. I told her I was sorry for the stuff she had gone through but that I admired her for moving ahead with her life, even though it must be very hard. The email I got back last week was much less enthusiastic, and that sort of confirms my theory of what she is looking for in an email correspondent. It's not that I don't want to be encouraging of her, but I don't want to feed her delusions, because I do not believe that would be helpful to her. So that's where the thing stands; if I hear from her again I'll talk to her about what she's doing now, but not any of the weirdness.

We had our office thanksgiving lunch today and it was pretty fun, though not as much as I thought it might be. These things never are. At least tomorrow will be quiet here--half the office will be out on vacation. Having a three day work week has been such an incentive this week. Only one more day before a 4 day weekend. I can do it!

Meh, I don't have a lot to say today. I think I'll just stop here.

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