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Happy Anniversary to Kim and Dan, and Happy Anniversary to Francisco and me! Since it's a weekday we're not going to do anything this evening, but that's okay because we went out to lunch, and what could be better than meatloaf for lunch? Not much, that's what. It's our 15th this year, which is significant because we have five fingers on each hand, but I admit it's really starting to feel like a good long time now. In a Positive way; not like, "Daayyam..this thing is really dragging on!". Fifteen years is a long time, but they've been very good years, so there you go.

In the category of other good things, I wore my new coat and scarf this morning and was very warm, as well as Stunning in the red and turquoise color combination. I think I need to start dressing in turquoise and red at All Times, though that scheme would require a lot more shopping than I'm used to; mostly for turquoise, as I already have a lot of red clothes.

A few weeks ago I washed a sweater and laid it out to dry and when I passed it a day or so later, on a journey through the house, it flashed through my head that the pose of the sweater clearly said, "Oh my god!" I stopped and arranged the sweater again, in an "Ohhh, I ate too much..." position, and basically I think I need to make some kind of stop action film where two garments "converse" with each other. I'm pretty sure I've seen that done before (not an original idea) but I still think it would be fun to try it.

The cat people came over last night (a husband and wife team) and I think they'll do a great job with Esther and Lucy while we're gone. When they arrived, Toby was outside to greet them, and naturally they thought he was one of our cats, from the way he assumed a proprietorial position in front of the door when they knocked and ran in when we opened it. It was pretty funny, and I managed to get him back outside before the cats freaked out or started a fight.

There is an article on the NY Times today about an upcoming book about Abraham Lincoln which makes the case that he was gay. Of course there are some who are disputing it, but the article indicates the book's evidence is compelling, and basically I just think this is some of the best news Ever. I believe I will be buying this book, or at least checking it out of the library.

Okay, thanks to Atomic, I am now aware of the existence of Leslie Hall, who appears to be a genius. She's a comic genius, at any rate, and actually I know I saw her jeweled sweaters at some point in the past, but I had no idea she was so multi-talented. What will I put all my envy in? Because I have a lot and I'm not sure I have anything large enough to hold it. I need a steamer trunk.

Arrggghh! I've been trying to enter a photo contest this afternoon, and though the contest allows a person to upload their photos through the website, it's NOT WORKING for me! I keep getting error messages, so I guess I might have to print and mail in the pictures, but it would be way easier if I could do it through the web. Obviously. Stupid technology.

I'm done here.
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