can eat it in one


Just so you know, cookie manufacturers should not make tiny round brownies and call them, "Two Bite Brownies", because people such as myself might take that as a personal challenge. I mean, TWO bites? Please.

Our house was under seige by Toby the Neighbor Cat this morning. Francisco got up early (5:00-ish) and I was trying to go back to sleep for a little while, except my bladder didn't want me to, and then I heard it: the yowling. That cat was outside the house howling to get in--how could I stay in bed? He was at the front door first and then the back door, and he also climbed the bathroom screen a few times. I felt so guilty for not opening the door, because he knew we knew he was out there, but I thought if I opened the door that would encourage him to yowl outside our house Every morning at 5:00. As we were sitting in the living room, watching the remains of CBS Sunday Morning, we could hear him begin to yowl again at the front door, and he started doing that desperate hollow "ghost voice" (as Atomic calls it). He alternated between regular ghost voice and two syllable ghost voice, and we couldn't help but laugh at the two syllable one, because it sounded just like "HEL-LO!" Poor boy. If he comes to the door when I get home tonight, I'll pet him lavishly and give him treats, but I can't set a 5:00 am precedent with him, especially because he doesn't know what weekends are.

Speaking of which! I could not be more excited to get four days off work, and these four days are going to start almost immediately, since the boss has officially just sent everyone home. I go now.

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