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Two things of note happened yesterday:

* At work we became aware that we have at least one rat residing in the building. The rat's presence was brought to our attention by its diligent weekend work, which consisted of the systematic removal of Hershey's Kisses from one of my coworker's office to another of my coworker's offices. The rat chewed into 3 entire bags of kisses, which were sitting in a plastic grocery sack under one of my coworker's desks, and transported the individual kisses (all of them. three whole bags' worth) into the office across the hall, and hid them behind the bookcase there. He left the bags sitting empty in the grocery sack in which he found them. The rat also dragged a full bag of M-n-Ms into the other office (did not transport the M-n-Ms individually) and that's how his activity was detected--he couldn't get that bag behind the bookcase. An exterminator was called and the guy came over and put poison out for the rat, but even if that hadn't happened I would feel sorry for the rat, because all that candy was swept up and thrown away, and that represented a lot of work! That rat's going to be pissed when he sees all his candy is gone; it must've taken him a good part of the weekend to get it all hidden in there. Poor thing.

* BMW Barbie's 19 month old son flushed her enormous diamond ring down the toilet at her house. I probably shouldn't think that's funny, but I can't help it.

Work is Really busy this week, though we were a lot busier yesterday than we are today (knock on wood). I returned 14 phone calls yesterday and I did not enjoy it. It'll only get worse before the end of the month, so I guess I should enjoy the relative quiet we're having right now.

Though the weather outside is sunshiney and lovely, inside the office the cold front continues unabated. I am being shunned by my boss, people, and when I say shunned, what I mean is he's not only not talking to me, but he's also not even looking at me. It's odd and vaguely unsettling, but no power in the Universe could compel me to ask him why I'm getting the cold shoulder; I'm positive that's what he wants and I refuse to give it to him. Shun away, big boy.

The weekend was nice; we got a good bit of stuff done and talked about potential future plans. We're mulling over our options but haven't made any moving and etc decisions yet, though there is definitely one option I am favoring over the others and it will get my vote. I made many lists this weekend, some pertaining to our potential future plans and some not. Also this weekend Francisco and I took a long walk in the woods, and it was really nice; I love forest walking/hiking. And I cooked this weekend, twice! On Saturday I made this excellent cheesy/beery/tomato and red peppery sauce for black beans and brown rice (from The Moosewood Cookbook) and on Sunday I made risotto. I think that'll be the last risotto I make until it gets chilly again, because that was some sweaty work. I miss cooking, and specifically I miss vegetarian cooking. Did I mention we have run screaming back to eating mostly vegetarian meals? The low carb thing has not worked out for us at All. See also: Francisco's cholesterol = 278. I am feeling vastly healthier now that we're not eating so much meat anymore, and I've lost a few pounds.

Tonight I'm going to cook dinner too, because Francisco is scurrying to finish part of his dissertation that his advisor guy is going to review tomorrow, and I'm also going to do some planning and organizing and a tiny bit of shopping at the nearby Walmart. I don't like the Walmart but it's hard not to buy stuff there when I need it and the store is only 1/4 mile away.




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