let this skull be a warning to you


About half an hour ago, Francisco expressed interest in finding some kind of box to put the iPod and iPod accessories in, on the desk in the living room. I knew I probably had one that would fit the bill, as several years ago I went through a cigar box phase and bought a bunch of them from a tobaccanist, and I was right. I had to empty the box of its contents, which were foreign stamps I had cut off of envelopes when I worked at Caltech. Many, many students from other countries seem very eager to attend Caltech, so every day I worked there I was able to add several stamps to my collection. After I took the stamps out of the box this morning, I put them into a large ziploc bag and started looking at them and sorting them by country. Then I stopped sorting, got out my Other cigar box full of stamps, and dumped all the unsorted stamps onto the bed by the sorted ones.

Here is what I realized: I HAVE THOUSANDS OF STAMPS AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM. I had been thinking someday I would decoupage them onto something, but unless I'm decoupaging a Volkswagen, I'm going to have a lot of stamps left over. I need a project worthy of these stamps, because some of them are pretty great. China and Tanzania have the prettiest stamps so far, and Pakistan and India have the ugliest. United Arab Emirates has provided the creepiest stamp in the collection (so far) with a depiction of a family standing on top of a skull, with the admonition 'No Drugs' at the bottom, and a syringe, pills, and smoking joint artfully arranged around it.

Before I can do anything with the stamps, I will need to soak them free of their envelope backings, which will take a long time because I'll have to do them in batches. But I want to come up with a project for them first, so I guess what I'll do today is, I'll look at them some more and then put them into the ziploc bag for safekeeping. Never let it be said that I can't make a plan.

HA! I just saw another United Arab Emirates stamp featuring some succulent-looking dates and a man gazing at them with an expression of lacivious desire. That might end up being my favorite.

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