another year older, yes, but deeper in debt, thankfully no


I have many things to tell but little time to tell them. You know what that means.....numerical list!

1) If you have the New Joy of Cooking, you should try making the sweet potato and peanut stew, located on page 400-something. It sounds like a weird combo, but I can tell you it is de-fuhreaking-licious.
2) I (meaning we, meaning mostly Francisco) made the ornament exchange ornaments on Saturday and I packaged them up yesterday. Francisco mailed them this morning, so we are Done. *dusts hands* Now I need to get started on the scarf exchange scarf, asap. Note to ornament recipients: they were not mailed priority mail, so it might be a few days.
3) On Saturday, I bought a pair of pants--someone cue the heavenly music, por favor.
4) Okay, Andreas Novak, one of the AtomicFriends? Who I've spoken of here many times before, on account of him being so great? Has some nutty parents. They are the Maine Couple, With Cat, in case there's any confusion.
5) I'm 37, as of today. I was laying awake this morning when the time of my birth rolled around, so I'm quite tired today. Though, wait, I was born on the west coast, so actually I was laying awake 3 hours after my birth time. Either way, tired.
6) My coworkers are having a tiny fiesta for me today, and instead of cake, we're having cocktails. This means the birthday party will be at 4:30 instead of the usual birthday party time of 2:00, but that's okay by me.
7) Francisco and Boy took me out for dinner to a great restaurant on Saturday, and I had my first Perfect Rob Roy (pre-dinner cocktail). I loved it and I think it'll be the Drink of Winter, 2004 at our house.
8) This morning we got up at 5:30 to go to the gym, but when we were almost ready to depart, Francisco's nose started bleeding (dry air lately). We decided to wait awhile, since we didn't want him spurting blood all over the gym, and the nose took so long to stop bleeding that we didn't end up going. Instead he made me bacon and eggs and I opened my presents. I received:
A) some pretty yarn and a sock pattern book from my parents
B) Found, the book, from Francisco
C) an electric kettle I'd been whining for, from Francisco
D) dangly handcuff earrings, a police whistle, and white police-type gloves from Boy. I am SO going to direct traffic if given a chance.
E) a great mix cd and book from Miles
9) We got the doll head (purchased from eBay) in the mail on Friday night, and it's creepy even Without a red light bulb in it. It has a partially open skull (on purpose) for some reason, and this is good because it meant I was able to insert a slim shot glass full of white roses into the head, and I love the look of flowers blooming out of that creepy, charred doll head (it's only a little charred, but still).
10) Today I bid on an old metal German doll head that is quite scraped up. The auction ends tomorrow--here's hoping I win! Also, I've got my eye on 4 bisque doll heads and torsos--none of them have arms and only one has legs. Is is wrong of me to want these So Badly, so I can mount them on the wall just like they are, naked and deformed? If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

I know I had other things to say but I can't think of them now. Tomorrow, hopefully.
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