early old hollywood pooping devil


Snow day, and I am doing Nothing. My big achievement today was showering, and I did that at 2:30. After showering I got dressed and am sporting a look my mother would call "ragpicker". I know it's not a flattering outfit, but it doesn't hurt my tender back, and I'm stuck in the house today anyway.

I watched an old movie this morning; one featuring a young Lucille Ball. When she was young, before the blazing red hair, "Aww, Ricky!!" period, she was Beautiful. I have some old black and white pictures of my mom from when she was about 18, and my mom looked a lot like the young Lucille Ball. I told my mom that a few minutes ago and she "pffft"ed me, but it's true. Beautiful beautiful. I love watching old movies, sometimes for the stories, but more often for the clothes and interior design. Old Hollywood elegance really speaks to me. But at the same time I still wish I'd purchased that black velvet 'devil sitting on the toilet' painting. I am multifaceted.

The Boy's bed has arrived but we haven't put it together, because we don't have a twin mattress for it yet. We can't go out and get one today, and probably not tomorrow either, so the bed will need to wait. Last Sunday we got Boy some colorful beads to hang in his doorway and he loves them. He's all excited for his room to be redecorated; he's calling it his "Pad". I bought some sheets for the yet-to-be-purchased twin mattress, two sets, one of which is a leopard print. Not surprisingly, these are by far his favorite. Also, his mom gave him a lava lamp for Christmas, and it is a big feature of the Pad so far. I'm glad he's so excited about having a nicer room, because maybe if he likes his room more, he won't keep it in such a shithole condition. One can always hope.





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