I just want YOU to know that you are really special


I discovered last night that Snoop Dogg has the world's greatest job, for real. He and some friends put on a short, laid-back concert, and then they presumedly went backstage to smoke weed and get paid. I used to think driving the Oscar Meyer weinermobile was the greatest job, but I stand corrected, and I love Snoop, a lot. He said something so wonderful: Toward the end of his set he had the women in the audience singing part of his new song (specifically the part that goes, " I just want you to know that you are really special..."), and afterwards he said, "I'm tearing up, that was so beautiful. Y'all made a pimp cry." Come. On. How could a person Not love him? I'll be buying his cds, tout suit.

The Peppers put on a great show. They were so high energy and so much fun, and my only complaint is that they neglected to do an encore wearing only tube socks, on their mantackle. Other than that, it was fantastic. After the first song, Anthony Kiedis said, "Hey South Carolina!" And everyone was like, "Um.....okay. Whoooooo!!!" I'm So tired today, and my neck craning muscles hurt. Francisco is tired today, and he thinks he's getting a cold. Boy is tired because apparently the vegans let their kids stay up quite late (11:30) so he missed 2 hours of sleep he normally gets. This is his last day of school and he's already home, so the sleep issue is no big deal. I think he and Francisco are probably taking naps even as I write, and that's a good thing.

Other than talking about the show last night, all I can talk about is how busy I've been at work (yesterday I was a raging brush fire of furious working--I kicked ass), but today is the last day before my vacation, and I'm very happy. Lots to do, but unless something heinous comes up unexpectedly, I know I'll get everything done. We're having friends over tonight who will be leaving for Prague while we're driving around the Northeast, and it's been forever since we've seen them. If I can keep myself from falling asleep at 7:30, it should be a good time.

I want to go to a lot more concerts now. We're thinking we might take Boy to a concert this summer, if we can find one he'd like. We saw several kids at the concert last night that were Boy's age, but I'm not sorry we didn't take him, because we didn't get home until 12:30. We got him a Peppers t-shirt and he wore it today--hopefully this made him the coolest kid at school for the couple hours he was there.

When I was leaving home this morning, I had my hand on the doorknob when I heard a frenzied scratching coming from upstairs. Lucy was downstairs so I knew it was Esther and I thought she was probably in the litter box, excavating for mummies. Lucky for her I went up to check, because she'd been shut in the under-eaves storage space, and Francisco was gone and didn't get home until 10:30. Silly ass--when I opened the door she sauntered out casually, as though to say, "Thanks; I knew you'd come." I love that she takes us for granted--it's so cute.

We're leaving for vacation on Sunday morning. We were going to leave tomorrow, but that seemed too stressful. We'll be meandering up to Maine and back down, with 2 nights in Boston. We get to have dinner with Atomic and her husband while in Boston, and we're meeting Miles for lunch on the 16th, in the D.C. area, on our way back home. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut and will be shopping for a few vacation clothes. I have plenty of work clothes, but not enough summer vacation-type things. We'll also pack tomorrow and pick up the car we're renting. There's nothing wrong with our car; it's a good car but it has about 90,000 miles on it, and we'd prefer not to put thousands more on it if we can help it. Miles said we should rent some pimped-out hoopdee (sp?) of a vehicle, but probably it'll be just your normal family sedan.

Speaking of Miles, today he alerted the AtomicFriends to this, and I urge you all to go look, because who knew such things could be sold? And for such a high price? Maybe I should "find" one of these; it would buy a super-deluxe Airstream trailer.

I'm going to get back to work, now, but kids, have a great time, and I'll talk to you after I get back on the 16th.



PS Oh, and I have no need now to get even with "Amber", here at work, because it's come to my attention that her personal life is going to hell in a handbasket, so I'm just going to let Karma handle things. Good old Karma. |


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