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You know what I like? Food weirdnesses. Like when you cut open a bell pepper and there's an undeveloped little bell pepper hanging around in there: the dangling twin of the big pepper. Also, eggs with two yolks, conjoined twin strawberries, and OH, sometimes melons and squash will sort of cross-pollinate if they're grown near each other so you get a melon that tastes squashy? Actually that's sort of gross, but I like that it happens. I also like that gigantic Cheetoh someone sold on eBay a couple years ago, but that's a man-made food weirdness, so it doesn't really count. It would never have occurred to me to sell that Cheetoh. I would've taken pictures of it, sure, but then I would've eaten it. I mean, it was huge and cheesy! This is why I'll never have money.

The boss's icy cold front toward me is thawing out, big time. It started on Tuesday when he said goodnight to me. I thought it was an accident on his part until I noticed he'd re-posed the naked doll bodies on top of my bookcase--he turned them so they all faced the opposite way. Yesterday he gave me a distracted wave (he was rushing around), to which I responded with a cheery "hey!", and this morning after he had to talk to me about one of my students, I had the opportunity to tease him about his ineptness in replacing my coworker's glass candy dish lid with any kind of stealth. We're on the road to normalcy here, and though it didn't bother me too much to be shunned, it bothered me a bit, and I prefer it when he's not giving me the cold shoulder.

This morning I glanced out my office window (the one that faces the parking area) and saw a young guy buttoning his shirt all the way up. Once it was buttoned up, he reached into the SUV he was next to, extracted a tie, and started to put it on. A frisson of foreboding went through me and I checked my calendar, finding an appointment with a potential student and his dad, for the exact time it was at that moment. Crap! The dad and son both put on blazers, and I was smirking because I figured as soon as they came into my office and saw my furry lamp they would realize the ties and sportcoats were not necessary. My meeting with them was fairly short, because they hadn't applied for aid and I think they wanted me to give them money based on the son's academic merit (which we don't do in this office), so I gave them a little info and they went on their way. I sort of feel bad for the kid that the dad made him get gussied up and then they had to talk to someone whose office collection of oddities made a mockery of their careful planning. Nah, actually I don't feel bad. That SUV was a Lexus.

I've been very tired lately, and I've had a bit of a sore throat and swollen glands. I thought I was fighting off a cold but then yesterday after work I noticed all the yellow pollen on my car, and the mystery was solved. The first year we lived here that yellow pollen really did me in (lost my voice and everything) but now my reaction to it is less severe. Probably the daylight savings time change isn't helping with the tired either; this morning Francisco and I accidentally slept until 7:15. Boy was up and eating cereal when we emerged from the bedroom, and I just know he had no intention of waking us, because if we didn't get up, there'd be no one to take him to school. He never wants to go to school, so I imagine he'd have let us sleep all day if he could. Foiled again, Boy.

Our office had a NCAA basketball tournament pool going, but I didn't participate because the winner doesn't really get anything. To participate, a person puts $3 into the pool, and then when the tournament is over, the winner (or winners) gets to decide what the reward refreshment will be, at the party they'll have to conclude the tournament (the party is paid for with the money collected). HOW IS THAT EVEN WINNING? I'm not down with that kind of "everybody wins" bullcrap. If I were going to play, I'd want to get the money everyone put in, if I won. If I can't get the money, I'm not playing. Besides, whoever gets to choose this year will surely choose something sweet, and I'm still not eating desserts (it's been 4 months, as of yesterday), so I would not only not win; I'd lose.

There has been no further evidence of the rat this week. We think the rat ate a lot of the Hershey's Kisses it carried out of my coworker's office, because there weren't 3 whole bags worth behind that bookcase, so maybe it got chocolate poisoning or something. I looked around the web today to find out if chocolate is toxic to rats, but no one seems to have done any studies. A vet who treats pet rats seems to think chocolate in small amounts (equivalent to 2 Kisses) would not be harmful, but I think the rat probably ate 20-30 of them, so who knows. Also, he might have eaten the foil, and that can't be good for him. I know this rat issue is important to you, Interweb, so I will be sure to keep you updated on the situation.

Oh man, I just noticed all my entries older than 1/13/03 seem to be GONE. That's about 2 years worth of entries, so hopefully they can be regenerated (or whatever) because I'd be really sad if they were lost forever. I sent a help request and I hope it's plaintive enough. Please, MTV; pimp my help request!

That sucks.

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