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Need I remind you what day this is? Okay, I probably need. It's the Liverpool/Milan UEFA Final!!! It was all I could do to resist wearing my Liverpool jersey (with my super secret soccer boyfriend's name on the back) to work, but resist I did. I want work to speed by so I can go home and watch the game which Tivo will pick up this afternoon. Oh I HOPE our boys win; that would be too fantastic.

Here is a list of things I would like to tell you:

1) Francisco turned 41 on Saturday. I made him a ridiculously complicated and ridiculously delicious cake on Saturday, and we went out to dinner. Then on Sunday morning, early, he went over to Seattle to run a race with his sister. After that they had breakfast and then he went to visit our friends, B and Y. He stayed the night with them and on Monday morning went to Poulsbo to help his mom on her house building thingy, and then came back Monday night. I missed him, but I guess I should try to get used to him being gone, like he will be when he goes to sleepover Police school.

2) Speaking of which, he's going to take a job at the jail in Yakima, while he's waiting to be employed by an E-burg police force. Provided he passes the psych screenings, he will start his job on July 2nd, and probably sometime at the end of August he'll go to 4 weeks of sleepover Police school. We'll have significantly more income, but I'll miss him terribly when he's gone, and plus he'll have to go to Police school all over again, and for much longer, when he gets employed as a regular policeman. I guess I'll have to take lovers.

3) Just kidding.

4) Sort of.

5) No really, I'm kidding.

6) Or am I?

7) I totally am.

8) ....

9) On Monday evening when he was gone, I went home from work and made a quiche for dinner. Note to self: This is not a good work night meal. It took forEVER and I was starving and ate too much bread while waiting for it to bake. AND I used frozen crust and frozen broccoli that I only had to steam a little while before shoving in the quiche, so it couldn't possibly have been faster unless it was already made when I got home. No weekday quiche in the future: Resolved.

10) I have allergies. I thought I was moving away from them when we left NC, but apparently I'm allergic to stuff here too. Oy.

11) On Friday afternoon I have to do another aid presentation. I am not looking forward to it.

12) However, I'm going out for martinis with a couple of my coworkers and one of the coworkers' girlfriends after work on Friday, so that should be fun. I will then have to go home and pack, because

13) We're going to my parents' on Saturday morning. I can hardly wait!! We have to come back on Monday but I'm so looking forward to seeing my parents and my brother--he's doing very well and it turns out we have hobbies and interests in common, now that he's got a life without drugs. Specifically we both like gardening and photography, so if all other subjects fail, we can at least talk about those things. We are also both chubby. Yay!

14) Speaking of which, Pounds Lost: 9. I would like this to be higher, but I took too many days off of Super Lucky Wither Time for it to be higher. I'm going to redouble my efforts, starting this morning when I went to the gym after a couple/few days hiatus. Current Sit-Up Count: 16. This is pretty good progress and now that I can do more than, oh, say, ZERO, I'm not embarrassed to do them at the gym in the morning. I figure no one would watch me doing more than like 6 situps, even if they were really bored, so they'll never know how few I can do. Also, screw them!

15) Did I tell you I'm knitting my new niece (who is, by the way, EXTREMELY ADORABLE) a hot pink cardigan hoodie? I'm just almost to the point (2 more rows) where I get to put the sleeve stitches on hold, and it'll be all downhill from there. I'm going to work on it during lunch.

16) A couple weeks ago Francisco ordered some books from Amazon and he got me Fitted Knits, which I'd been wanting. I will be making me some sweaters this fall, let me tell you, including one with the red mohair I bought on accident because I thought it was hot pink. It's a difficult pattern, but I'm going to try it anyway.

17) I realized this morning that I approach the bathroom at work with the same fear and trepidation as I would approach a strange and scary looking dog. Or perhaps it's akin to the way I would enter my house if I arrived home to find the door open. The point I am trying to make is, I am afraid of that bathroom and what might be lurking within, and why can't I have a key to the executive washroom? I guess first my employer would have to build an executive washroom, but as soon as they do, I will demand slash steal a key to it.

I'd better get back to work.




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