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I don't have much time to update you today, Internet, but since my previous update, a few things have happened. I will now tell you about these in list format. No complaining--it's either a list or nothing.

1. I turned 41. On my birthday we went to breakfast with Twyla, Sonny, and the girls, and then Francisco and I went shopping in Yakima. Things purchased, of note: GPS dealie for the car, new small digital camera (a Coolpix somethingorother), fleece sheets for our bed, and a memory foam mattress topper. I like the mattress topper NOW, but that first night it smelled strongly chemically and the smell kept waking me up. Not good. It has since aired out (as promised in the information enclosed with it) and is super comfortable. A+++. The evening of my birthday we made dinner and stayed in watching my favorite tv shows. The End.

2. Sunday night we went over to the west side and stayed at a hotel we like. Monday morning Francisco went to police academy and I went across the street to the mall. I got a dress to wear to his graduation, a new pair of exercise pants (for Jazzercise, of course), a couple of tank tops to sleep in, and a couple of shirts. Oh, and a pair of pantihose, which was the only thing I bought that day not on sale. That evening we went to dinner and drinks with some of Francisco's classmates; they are very fun.

recruits like tequila

3. Tuesday was the graduation. We got up very early, got dressed, and checked out of our hotel. We went to the academy and Francisco was immediately super busy doing stuff. First there was a full inspection/flag ceremony that we (family members, etc) got to watch and photograph. I took a few pictures, but mostly Francisco was in a position of having his back to the camera because he was moving down the line of classmates along with the senior officers doing the inspection. This did not make for good photographs. Francisco did a lot of yelling and also there was an impressive amount of marching. After that there was a brief ceremony where he and his classmates got to walk on a patch of blue carpet they were previously forbidden from treading on, and got to each ring a bell that somehow signified them becoming individual officers. There was an explanation about the symbolism of this, but I have untreated ADD so you can't expect me to have absorbed it, now can you?

Oh, and before the inspection even started (7:30 a.m.) I had gotten a noticeable run in my brand new pantihose. I did not let it ruin my day, but I was aggrieved.

After the bell ringing there was a little bit of free time (during which Francisco had to do administrative things) and then there was a class thingie about being a family member of a police officer--what to expect, and that kind of thing. Then there was a slide show/film of memorable class moments. The pepper spraying footage was particularly compelling. After this, it was free time until 1:00, which was when the graduation ceremony started. Francisco's mom showed up and we had lunch with her, and then it was the graduation proper.

The graduation went quite well. The second in command of the academy talked, and then one of the officers in charge of training Francisco's class gave a short speech. He also handed out the 4 awards; Francisco won 3 of them and his mother waved her arms around embarrassingly. I valiantly resisted the urge to cringe. Then Francisco gave his presidential speech, and I know I'm biased, but it was very good. The audience laughed and cried and the speech became a part of us. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what I'm referencing here, especially because I've forgotten what I'm referencing. But anyway, yeah, it was a great speech. Then there was the presenting of certificates of completion and the pinning on of badges. I did not poke Francisco or humiliate him. There was once last photo op and then there was a cupcake reception.

the last part of graduation

By that time, Francisco was very tired and so was I. We mingled and then changed our clothes. Made one last stop at Trader Joes for delicious foods, and then came home. I am so glad academy is over and am so glad to have my favorite person back home where he belongs. It is my fervent hope that he is right at this moment making my dinner. He works tomorrow so I know he spent probably most of today getting his cop stuff in order; it was in kind of a mess after he brought everything home from academy.

4. I am back at work today and feeling rather cranky about it. We had to suffer a "Webinar" [HATE] this morning and it made me want to quit my job right then and there. Alas, I stayed employed and also did not smash anything. But my resume is updated, and I am beginning my job search; unfortunately the university is experiencing current and future budget cuts, so who even Knows how long it will take me to find something else. It could be a long time. I may begin taking meth, just to cope.

Oh alright, I'm not going to do that. I want to keep my teeth.

Anyway, I think this is all I have to tell you today. I hope you are well, and thanks for reading this far. If you skimmed, then nevermind.




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