2/3 of a hat trick


This morning we watched the Liverpool vs Wigan game Tivo Dennis recorded for us yesterday, and not only did Liverpool win 3-0, but Peter Crouch finally scored! And then he scored again, at which point Steven Gerrard (Liverpool captain) scaled up Crouch's back and rode him around the pitch like a pony. I was hoping for a third Crouch goal (hat trick), but alas. This has started my day off just right, as Liverpool is now third in the league standings.

You know, I Said they were poised to rally, but nobody listens to Eva. I am waiting for my apology, Mr. Bob Bobson.

*tap tap tap*


PS On Friday night I made the first bloody marys in the experiment, and they weren't horrible but there's just something about a bloody mary that, after I've had it, I can't imagine wanting another one ever again. The experiment might not really get off the ground. Also, what is fresh horseradish good for, in addition to bloody marys? If I call the experiment off, I'm going to need to use it in Something, but what? |


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